Ice Cream Meltdown

Last night, I had a meltdown. A what the hell is happening with my life type of meltdown. I just lost motivation to go to the gym, didn’t want to get out of bed, socialize…..NOTHING. So of course, when Tyler got home I started bawling my eyes out. I got snotty. I know now that Tyler really REALLY loves because he wiped my snot WITH HIS BARE HAND. I shudder at the thought. After the crying conundrum, Tyler and I went to DQ where I picked up this bad boy:

I mean, it’s not the best thing to have when you haven’t worked out in two days (I was depressed, OK!?) and it’s dairy (another no-no) but all men know that the key to a woman’s heart -when you can’t afford jewelry- is ice-cream. After the first bite, I took a deep breath and automatically felt better. To complete the night, we watched Jackass 3 and I laughed my dairy-engorged heart out. I also had the best night’s sleep after. Cry session for the win!

In an effort to squish the blues, I was determined to be a little more proactive today. I had a smoothie (banana, almond cashew butter, chia seeds, almond milk and ice) and eggs for breakfast.

I got my tush up to go to the gym, and Twyla ended up coming with! Sometimes (lots of times) it’s so nice to have a workout buddy. Heck, you don’t even have to work out with them, just arrive and leave at the same time! It feels so much more encouraging. Today’s workout was a combo of cardio and strength intervals. Some of your run-of-the-mill exercises I have posted about before. I ended with a good 20 minutes using the Bosu Ball. I did jump lunges, planks, russian twists, leg lifts and burpees using that thing.

Post workout eats included a Vega Bodacious Berry protein smoothie (only 100 cals, 11g protein, and 2 servings of veggies!)

And a cheddar/spinach/salsa whole wheat wrap.

Which was mainly a spinach wrap. I’m not complaining, I need all the greens I can get!

My sweat started to really cool down, so I made a cup of peppermint tea to top it all off

Immediately after tea, Twyla and I took all three pups to Nose Hill for a walk. I tried to take some pictures, but it was a tad overcast, so you can’t see much. But I will post them regardless

Twy with all three pups:

Me with all three. Layla was terrible on the leash. Ugh.

I have just napped and showered after a full day..gonna gussy myself up for tonight (Even though I have no clue what we are doing, I figured it would be nice to put on real clothes and makeup).

Not a whole ton of words today. I am partially recovering from last night’s sob fest and I’m just so dang pooped from working out and that walk!

Have a great Friday night, see y’all in the A.M.!

3 thoughts on “Ice Cream Meltdown

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had a rough night – trust me, I’ve been there (and recently, too)! Ice cream is a perfect solution. Tyler is one smart guy. 🙂

    Is it bad that I am jealous of your snow? I’ve loved the warm up we had in Chicago this week but would totally take snow over the dreary yuck we have today!

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