Weekend things

Yesterday, I wore real clothes. Like, no trace of Lululemon was on my body. I don’t know what possessed me. (Ok, that’s a lie. I went to the gym first thing in the morning, so I had to wear some Lulu. And if you’re wondering, my workout was treadmill intervals for 35 minutes followed by another 30 minutes of lower body and core exercises using the bosu and a body bar.)

The weekend would not be complete if Tyler and I didn’t make a trip to Home Depot. We picked up tons of supplies so he can strip and paint the bathroom cabinets while I’m gone (thank god, because I really didn’t want to help with that project).

We came home, and decided it was time to pick the first pepper from out patio garden.

We probably should have let it grow a bit more because it was BITTER. But we wanted to be able to enjoy the vegetables of our labor (get it, instead of fruits of our labor?! haha I’m funny) while I was still home. Chances are, Tyler is going to get stuck with everything ripening while I’m away. Looks like someone’s gonna be eating lots of tomatoes.

My second real outfit of the day was for our date night. The date night that had a slightly different twist of events.

So, we decided to check out a new-to-us restaurant. As we were walking in, I tripped on the entryway and completely sliced off the bottom of my big toe. (I immediately started to freakout because a.) I hate blood, and b.) I did this before in 4th grade. I was with my mom at a Montgomery Wards in Northern California- we were taking the escalator, and I was wearing flip flops, and tripped. It wasn’t until we had been walking around the second floor for a few minutes that I noticed a trail of blood behind me. My mom rushed me to the bathroom and I fainted. Awesome). Anyways.

So I had to tell the manager and ask for a bandaid. Oh, and I ruined my sandals because blood got all in the stitching.

Fast forward a bit, and Tyler’s steak came out terrible. He told the waiter, but decided to keep his entree because he didn’t want to wait for another to cook. Turns out the manager got wind of this and came to our table. He felt bad that on our first visit I had shed blood and Tyler’s steak had no blood. So, he discounted our meal and gave us a dessert on the house.

A very good dessert at that.

This AM, I got new luggage for my trip. Wa-HOO

And now, I mist fill said luggage. And do my homework (boo). And workout. And walk my puppy. And that is all.

PS: Fingers crossed the airport security doesn’t mistake my pre-workout powder for cocaine.