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Hello from NY!

Ok, I just gotta say it: Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a LONG ASS TIME. Sure I woke up at 2:30am, and yes I sat uncomfortably close to a dude on the plane. BUT. My 9 hour layover in Chicago was a-may-zing. Katie picked me up from the airport and right away we started gossiping. Oh god, how I miss that! We got to her place and immediately hit the pavement for some exploring. First stop: a bar. Obviously. At 11:00am. Sam Summer Ale, how I love you so. Fast forward a few hours, and we had shopped, hung out at her place, and hit another bar for apps and more drinks. Back at the airport by 6pm and more bevvies while waiting for my connecting flight. I can’t wait for my return flight in a couple weeks (Ok, i can wait. But it’ll be exciting) because I have another 9 hour layover in Chicago!

Today was recoup day.

And go to Target day.


And eat homemade guac and salsa (ALL the ingredients were from the garden!) day


And little old ladies (aka: mom) walk around the house in my brand new shoes day


And ravage my parents forest garden for some goodies day


And steak and veggies for dinner day (minus the steak- I just wasn’t feeling the whole red meat thing today. I think somewhere pigs are flying right now)


And Frozen Dreams for dessert day. I was LONG overdue.


Workout of the day was 20 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill followed by some full-body strength exercises that incorporated the ideas from Best Body Bootcamp‘s Phase 2 workout schedule. I changed up the tempo of the movement for each exercise- so I varied between 1, 2, 4, and 8 counts for both direction of each move. It really fatigued my muscles a lot faster and I was able to get in split squats, weight bosu squats, chest press, flys, deadlifts and tricep dips in enough time to get home for dinner. I didn’t want to overdue it because I’m looking to do a long run around the neighborhood tomorrow. Sidenote: I was able to increase my speed on the treadmill this week (maybe it’s the lower altitude?)