i love being home

i miss my man

and my dog

but i dont miss calgary

only because tyler would leave for work and i got stuck at the house all day ¬†and because things are still ‘up in the air’ as far as my status and employment and all that crap, there is a lot of negativity associated with being there (for now)

i am finally done dealing with american health insurance. due to crap health care and crap billing departments and crap providers, i FINALLY fixed these stupid bills that were being sent to me for my COVERED annual exams. oh, and they were issued in septempber. So, ELEVEN months. God, you people are so stupid to deal with.

i’m going back to try on my wedding dress today. just a visit.

i feel like im in life purgatory. i dont yet belong in calgary, but i no longer belong in ny or boston. i dont like it. i miss having a ‘normal’

there are no pictures in this post because i am not in the mood to upload, save and edit them. So labor intensive.

i havent had a drink since ive been home. (what is wrong with me)

i LOVE my mattress here. best sleep ever.

i went for a walk yesterday. just me. 5 1/2 miles. i actually got tired from my walk.

i havent been to a group exercise class in MONTHS.

im taking the full length mirror in my room home with me. it makes me look GOOD.

i watched an episode of NYMed in bed the other night then got really afraid of dying. I compensated and watched an episode of Dont Trust the B in Apt 23.

that show is hilarious

it’s also super close to how I lived in college.

i mean, what?

wait, maybe i do miss calgary. The humidity here is beyond yuck.

i moved so many times growing up that i dont have a group of friends

it really makes me sad

especially when i see pictures on facebook of other peoples friend groups

saw bourne legacy last night. i couldnt concentrate on the movie because i was convinced some psycho was going to come in and start shooting.

cant end on that note, so…

i love lamp.