Sweet-n-Sour Crockpot Chicken

Happy Friday, Folks!

Dinner last night turned out, so I’m going to share the recipe with all y’all.

Sweet-n-Sour Crockpot Chicken

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Chicken (I used two breasts, so adjust accordingly)
  • Sweet-n-sour BBQ sauce
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 10 oz pineapple chunks
  • Rice

Here’s what you do:

1. Pam (or grease) your crockpot.

2. Throw the chicken in (you can use thawed or frozen, just adjust the cook times accordingly. 2-3 hours thawed, 4-6 frozen)

3. Coat the chicken with sweet-n-sour sauce. (for two breasts [tee hee hee] i used 1/2 bottle)

4. Throw in chopped pepper, onion and pineapple (keep them in large pieces).

5. When that’s all ready, make rice. Take two forks and pull apart the chicken, while it’s still in the crock so it can absorb more juices. Then throw your crockpot crap over the rice. Then eat it.

It’s really really good. It gets the rice all saucy-like. It’s practically like chinese takeout, except there’s no MSG. And you can control the amount of sauce. Add in more veggies if you want to be SUPER healthy!


Yesterday’s workout:

25 minutes kickboxing

10 min quick run with the dog

lots of combo moves with my gliding discs (like lunges with lateral raises and such)

upper body combo (bicep curls/overhead press, hammer curls/tricep kickbacks, yadda yadda yadda)

100 stability ball situps.

Today’s workout:

Running around the house like a maniac because I couldn’t solve the last problem of one of my homework assignments.


Walk the dog.

40 minutes Spin

30 minutes full body strength moves


Tonight I have yet another new-to-me recipe to try out, some Apricot Ales (Shout out to Kysha, WHAT WHAT!) and a boozy/awesome concoction to try.

G2G (that’s ‘gotta go’ in teenage text talk)


Oh hey. So I thought this was important enough to create a completely new post. 

I started my own facebook page.

I know, I know. Lame-o. But it’s way more efficient.

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If you do this before October 12th, you’ll be entered to win a special prize!

A Readable Read

My posts are boring. Because school is too consuming. If I am not sitting in front of my computer doing work, then I am cooking, sleeping, working out, or walking the dog. The end. The post can end here. But for the sake of entertainment, I will conjure up some readable reads.

My latest music downloads:

I went for a run yesterday and only listened to these 6 songs over and over. So basically what I’m trying to say is: yesterday I went for a long-ass run.

See this cute face?

She ate two meatballs off my dinner plate last night. For the TWO SECONDS I went to the front door to hoard all the Girl Guide cookies, she inhaled all the meaty goodness from my plate. And I was the one to get doubly punished. Not only did she eat my dinner, but she tooted something deadly all night. Pee-yeww.

Oh Girl Guide Cookies? Yes. They are awesome. Buy some.

I bought some fall-like goodies today.

That red stuff is eucalyptus. It smells crazy good. Go buy some of that, too.

Mini pumpkin!

I have been having some insane dreams lately.

And that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

So apparently, a lot of people haven’t been getting my Save the Dates. If you are my friend or in my family and didn’t get one, chances are you were invited. Canada Post, you suck. Sending those bitches to the States cost $1.05 each! Fuhhhhhh.

My favorite fitness move as of late involve the gliding discs. With one disk under your left foot, try 4 side lunges then 4 back lunges, then 4 side lunges with a 3-count pulse and 4 reverse lunges with a 3-count pulse. Then do the other side. For more advanced movers and shakers, try holding the weights and simultaneously doing bicep curls or hammer curls or lateral raises. You choose.

Oh, and this move with the bender ball


I have done these while holding (and twirling) one of the ropeless jump ropes in my ‘top’ hand while simultaneously crunching. Yep, it’s really hard. And yep, my abs look really awesome because of it.

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I am trying a new recipe tonight, so if all goes well, the recipe will be posted tomorrow. And if all goes horribly wrong, there’s a bottle of vodka in the cabinet that I might be good friends with.

Let’s number it out

Hmmm, what shall I talk about today? Let’s number it out:

1. I watched last night’s episode of DWTS this am. Pam Anderson-NO; Apolo Ohno and Shawn Johnson- YES.

2. I brought my car in to get the hail damage repaired. Thank you Jesus it’s covered under insurance. So what rental car did they give me to replace my Hyundai Santa Fe? A Kia Rio. Yeah, not the same. It felt like I was sitting on the ground when I drove it back home. On the plus side, there is enough room for me to actually sit in it. Converse to my 1993 Kia Sephia from back in the day. (Her name was Sophie, in case you were wondering.)

3. I spent 6 AND A HALF HOURS doing homework for one of my classes today. Um, and I didn’t even get all the problems done. That’s just not right.

4. Because of the whole car and homework thing, I wasn’t able to get Layla out for a walk before it started raining. She’s not happy with me.

5. I seriously just had sauteed mushrooms and onions for dinner. That is all.

6. I am planning a PUB CRAWL in Calgary. Last time I checked, I haven’t been on a pub crawl since last November…when I went BY MYSELF. Do you want to talk about that? I don’t either. Anyhoo, I met up for drinks last week with a friend and we decided that a Saturday in October would be perfect to get our drink on…and on..and on. Are you near Calgary? You should probably come with.

7. In case you haven’t been alive in the past 20 hours, or don’t have facebook or twitter or internet or tv or friends..then I should probably tell you to Google the end of the Packers/Seahawks game last night. Crazy-insane or insane-crazy?!

8. Finally converted to flannel sheets for the winter. Ooh soo comfy.

9. This is TRUTH in my life:


8. I am addicted to using my Bender Ball, ropeless jump ropes and Gliders. Can’t tell you how it has helped changed up my workouts. Bad thing though, I need to buy new (heavier) weights. My 10s aren’t cutting it anymore. And I have maxed out on pushups and tricep dips. And the Y here is always infested with young guys using the machines, so that’s out of the question.

9. I’ve been in Calgary for 7 months now. Crazy how time flies..when you’re unemployed.

Add a number and tell ME something!

Playing catch up

I know my last post was a bit depressing. But I really needed to vent. And there was no way I was about to do a happy recap of the weekend.

So I think I’ll do that now. Incredibly modified, of course.


There were walks with Layla. Quite a few of them.


Meandering through bushes. Being a crazy whiny dog.


We hit up a Home show downtown on Saturday morning and spent a good chunk of time looking at stuff. And buying things. I haven’t taken pictures of them yet, but I am sure they’ll make a post soon. And beers at what we have just recently dubbed “our place.” Both Tyler and I agree that we love the menu selection AND the beer selection, and it’s really close to our house, so it’s a favorite! What is it? Brewster’s!

I had a really awesome steak salad.


Today, I made homemade doggie treats.


Maple scones (not pictured), and pork and coleslaw sliders.



Layla and I had another wonderful walk. It’s totally Fall.

Oh, and my dog rolls. A lot.



Workouts included:

Friday: 40 minutes Spin/30 min lower body strength

Saturday: Walked the home show/Layla

Sunday: 60 minute combo workout with kickboxing, body pump and interval style training

Monday: 30 minute treadmill run/30 minute full body strength

Lots more to talk about, but I am TIRED. Night!