Let’s play a game called Catch Up

I have been doing things. Not so many things. I managed to still have large chunks of boredom-even on a holiday weekend. It’s LABOR Day, you Canadians. Not LABOUR Day. Ugh

I also neglected to take pictures of every little thing I did because I like to see things in real life- not always through the lens.

Mac N Cheese, people. I had a craving on Friday that would not go away. It’s a ‘kid’ meal, so I notched it up to the adult level by accompanying the meal with a vodka soda. Weird combo, but it worked.

Then Saturday came. A beautiful day on a holiday weekend. And I worked on my final for grad school. Gross. I actually cried because I have been just so frustrated with my super absent professor, that I just wanted to wash my hands of this nonsense. But it’s over now, and I have a 2 1/2 week hiatus before I begin my LAST TERM of grad school. Jazz hands!

Sunday. Gluten Free pancakes from Kinnikinnick and Kicking Horse coffee. Lots of both.

And a walk at the park with Layla. The best part- it has been COMPLETELY fenced since we last visited. Layla was allowed off leash!


A perimeter check and perimeter poop, and she was ready to hit the river.



Here is where I will declare that I make the yummiest chocolate chip cookies of all times. ALL TIMES. Want my recipe? Send $20 and a self-addressed envelope to my house and I’ll consider.


Yesterday we had a picnic. In the house. I went to the store and grabbed lots of picnic-y foods and we sat on the ground with the dog and ate.


And ate.


And ate.


And ate.

So that brings us to today. I was pretty excited for today because I was going to buy a pen to address the Save the Dates. (omg how sad. I was actually excited to go buy a pen. A PEN.)


And to make my day feel just a little bit more successful, I took the pup back to the park.


Graceful as always.

That is all for now. With that, I leave you with one piece of advice:


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