Fitness Retreat

So, this fitness retreat I have been mentioning. It’s this weekend. I’m kind of excited because it means I get to get out of the house. And workout. And be with other people who love to workout. But I am nervous because I won’t know anyone. And I’ll be away from Tyler and the pup. And what if I hate it?

I’m turning into such a worry wart and a homebody. Gross.

Here’s the deal: The retreat is Friday-Sunday. We meet at one of the Calgary YMCA’s, take one of two 90 minute (optional) classes, then take the bus out to the mountains to the retreat lodge. When we registered for the retreat, we had to rank which classes we would like to take for each time slot. I still don’t know which ones I have gotten into, but I thought I would give you some of the info regarding my top choices (as described in the retreat information packet).

Pre-Conference (Friday night at the local YMCA)

Turn & Burn: Athletic Cycling meets resistance training head on! Kickstart your retreat with this energetic, 60-minute workout that alternates cycling drills with training intervals on a variety of equipment.

Session 1 (Saturday, 10:30am)

Booty Camp: You’ve heard of Boot Camp… but have you heard of Booty Camp? Take your below-the-belt classes to camp with this whole new, circuit-style approach to training glutes and legs. Whether in pairs, on a team, or just surviving solo, come ready to experience a lower body challenge that is just plain booty crazy.

Session 2 (Saturday, 1:00pm)

All Systems Go: Experience the ultimate cardio and strength interval rush! All Systems Go fires up all energy systems for a crazy fitness adventure. It all begins with a fab warm-up that teases you into thinking ‘hey, this workout is gonna be fun and fancy-free’. But when the warm-up is over, there’s no looking back. You will alternate between cardio and strength intervals that challenge your muscles, heart, and soul to go where they’ve never gone before. Using the Body Bar, your body weight, and sheer determination, this is a workout to be conquered!

Session 3 (Saturday, 3:00pm)

TRX Training Zone Circuit: The TRX Training Zone is a new anchoring solution that provides a revolutionary environment for functional circuit training. Learn how to skillfully use all the elements of the TRX Training Zone to bring the best of Suspension Training, Rip Training, and Functional Conditioning together in one effective, high-energy workout.

Session 4 (Saturday, 5:00pm)

Flirty Girl!: Get ready to get flirty. You’ve thought about teaching cardio dance but didn’t know where to begin; well look no further- you are about to experience Flirty Girl Fitness. No dance experience is necessary with the easy-to-learn dance routines that perfectly combine cardio and strength training. You’re gonna think you’re part of a music video rather than in a cardio crazy, core-chiseling, booty-toning, arm-sculpting workout. Boys welcome!

Early Riser (Sunday, 7:30am)

Rise-and-Shine Yoga

Key Note Lecture (Sunday, 9:30am)

w/Mindy Mylrea. Every Movement Matters: Training the Whole and Not Just the Part.: Teachers teach and students follow. That’s how it goes..or is it? Is our roles as fitness professionals just to lead a great class- or is it to encourage and direct our students to take action outside of the class room. We are here to empower and assist in creating lasting change. Learn strategies, tips, and tricks to assist your students to change their lives for the better. Through encouraging healthy eating, movement through the day, and mindful acts you truly can be the catalyst for more than just a great workout.

We’ll see if those are the classes I get into!

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    • It was good! It went by very fast because the 90 minute sessions were back to back to back to back. But Mindy Mylrea was fantastic and energetic and super informative. I learned a LOT (for myself and to introduce into classes) mine was comped through the gym I volunteer for, but I think the regular cost was $250-worth it, but I don’t have the extra cash to pay for essentially one day of classes. Definitely look around, check out reviews and see if there are options for classes you may or may not want to take within the retreat. Good luck and let me know what you choose!

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