I have been MIA.

I hate grad school. Ok, a lot of classes were easy, but a pain in the ass because they were time consuming. But my last two courses, which I am taking simultaneously are the absolute worst. W-O-R-S-T. I took them in undergrad and they were the 2 courses I hated with a firey passion. And now this time around, I get to do it all via the internet. Lucky me.

Since the term started on Monday, I have cried approximately 7 times, sent 15 e-mails to professors and advisors for help (to no avail- internet school is the worst. The time lag on everything is terrible, and everyone is in a different time zone. Total nightmare), I screamed and pulled my hair 3 times (One time, Tyler was mad because it was loud, the other time it scared Layla, and the third time I was home alone).

I have 10 more weeks to go. 10 more weeks of tears and anger and frustration – and really not learning anything but how much online school is stupid. 10 more weeks of lecturing poor Tyler on how I don’t understand anything. 10 more weeks.

I am writing about this now because I am procrastinating writing this paper that is due by 10pm tonight. On top of the discussion boards, homework assignments and quizzes that I have already done.

AND PEOPLE, please tell me WHY half of my class already started working on next week’s assignments? I emailed my professor asking him why he was already asking us to ‘wrap things up’ on Thursday, when there were still 3 days to go in the week. I feel like I am being penalized for not being super speedy in my work- even though I am turning them in on time. And these people are already engaging in discussion for week 2. I hate this. So much.

I feel about .00001% better having vented on my little blog. I’ll feel 3482635982364% better once it’s December 9th and I am done with school. FOR GOOD.

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