Playing catch up

I know my last post was a bit depressing. But I really needed to vent. And there was no way I was about to do a happy recap of the weekend.

So I think I’ll do that now. Incredibly modified, of course.


There were walks with Layla. Quite a few of them.


Meandering through bushes. Being a crazy whiny dog.


We hit up a Home show downtown on Saturday morning and spent a good chunk of time looking at stuff. And buying things. I haven’t taken pictures of them yet, but I am sure they’ll make a post soon. And beers at what we have just recently dubbed “our place.” Both Tyler and I agree that we love the menu selection AND the beer selection, and it’s really close to our house, so it’s a favorite! What is it? Brewster’s!

I had a really awesome steak salad.


Today, I made homemade doggie treats.


Maple scones (not pictured), and pork and coleslaw sliders.



Layla and I had another wonderful walk. It’s totally Fall.

Oh, and my dog rolls. A lot.



Workouts included:

Friday: 40 minutes Spin/30 min lower body strength

Saturday: Walked the home show/Layla

Sunday: 60 minute combo workout with kickboxing, body pump and interval style training

Monday: 30 minute treadmill run/30 minute full body strength

Lots more to talk about, but I am TIRED. Night!

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