A list of “always”

This weekend was fa-fa-fa-freezing. Nevertheless, we got a jump on Christmas:

12.3 tree


Our first tree!

12.3 roof


Tyler spent a few hours on the roof (in -12 degree weather) putting up more lights, while I stayed below on the patio making sure he didn’t fall. Or just taking pictures of myself. Before my hands froze.

12.3 reflection


And we got some of those obnoxiously large blow up thingys:

12.3 blowup


I spent all day yesterday on homework. I’m now in my last week EVER of grad school!

12.3 homework


And I managed to ease the pain of all that work with a nice sweaty workout at the gym:

12.3 workout


I really kicked my own ass- HARD – so that I could get home, bust out some strength stuff, and snuggle up with the pup.

Nothing else majorly exciting- we went to Michael’s to get our gingerbread house kits (because I had TWO 40% off coupons!)- we watched Christmas Vacation (Merry Christmas! Shitter’s Full!) -we ate pizza (pepperoni, green pepper, black olive and mushrooms)- the end.

Oh, and me being the proactive person that I am, I decided to go online and renew my Canadian Visitor Visa to extend my valid time here before my Permanent Resident Application is approved. Well, I shouldn’t have done that. I ended up having to call to speak with a rep, then decipher new security crap, then fill out an application [AGAIN], then realize I need Tyler to help me with writing, supplying and scanning additional information for submission. ACK. How did I survive April-June of this year when I was doing this almost every day?! So now I’m pissed.

At least I have a bottle of bubbly that I’m planning on opening as soon as I submit both finals this week! 😉

So here’s something random: I was in the shower last night (that’s not the random part) and I was thinking about all the things that I always do. Like, the order of operations when I take a shower. I decided to compile a list of my “Always” things. Here goes:

I always eat Multi-Grain Cheerios for breakfast.

I always bite my nails when I get stressed.

I always have to sleep with the covers over my head.

I always wipe down gym equipment after I use them (hint hint).

I always accidentally put the first TWO letters on my last name in caps when I’m typing.

I always check Instagram (hey, follow me on there!)

I always blame my dog on my burps.

I always justify chocolate.

I always watch You’ve Got Mail when it’s on.

I always wear my retainers

I always look over my shoulder when changing lanes- even if I use my mirrors.

I always see if I can hold my breath through the entire intro song of Golden Girls (long version)

I always drink my coffee black.

I always check sales racks first.

I always put my socks on inside out (not on purpose)

What do you always do?!