Pv.body. and stuff.

Insert proper Monday morning (ok, afternoon) greeting here.

For some reason, I had WAY too much P&V yesterday. I was running around the house, doing laundry, playing with the pup, and annoying Tyler. 

Oh, and BAKING. Love me some baking. And after a gallon of delicious Tim Horton’s coffee, I needed me some sugar and buttah. 

Then this happened.



It was super duper easy to make. I threw together a batch of brownies. For this baking endeavor, I used this recipe (including the attached recipe for frosting).

I then made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and took spoonfuls and placed them over the brownie mixture. Baked at 350 for 35 minutes. Topped with the frosting them a little holiday decor, and BAM



Insert 30 minute blogging intermission while I called people in NY to book hair and makeup for the w-e-d-d-i-n-g.

I got in a SWEET workout yesterday. 30 minutes of spin. It was SUPER sweaty and I’m pretty sure my face was beet red for at least hours.




This time it was slow cooked steak and sriracha-slaw mayo in corn tortillas. Yum.



Couple of things: I am currently watching the Bachelor Wedding that I taped last night. 1-800-CORNY. US Weekly will report their divorce in approx.  months. That’s just my guess.

Also, have you noticed that a ton of bloggers are having a day of no blogging in respect to the shootings in CT? But they POST that they’re not posting that day. Makes no sense. My guess is that the post still generates views which appeases their advertisers which still makes them money. Just a guess. Not trying to detract from the notion of remembering those lost last Friday (no trying to be disrespectful AT ALL!).

Don’t be mad at me for writing that. It’s just my opinion.

Oh hey, so today my pv.body order arrived this morning!



I specifically submitted in my style quiz that I like black crops and racerbacks, yet ended up with bright pants and a long sleeved top. I sent them an e-mail asking where the mixup was. Strangely though, I loved both pieces! I think the leggings will be worn more for casual wear rather than workouts, but the top is super thin and breathable and has thumbsleeves which is awesome.

Interested in signing up for this awesome monthly fitness wear subscription? Click here and you can get 20% of the price! You can cancel any time, and they honor exchanges if you get incorrect sizes. If you order, let me know! And, tell me what you think when you get your package!

Check out this 2012 Pop Music Mashup:

This is now in the crockpot:



I’ll talk about how delicious (I’m hoping it will be) tomorrow.

I totally just purged my entire email inbox. Feels really good.

I already pretend to be on a “sick day” when delivery people come to the door and I answer it at 1pm in my PJ’s.

Tyler has a SWEET ugly-ass christmas sweater that I can wear to said-themed party tomorrow.

I had another nightmare last night that made me sit up and scream in the middle of the night. It was a a combination of Survivor (did you watch the finale last night?!!) and my on-and-off sleep paralysis.

What’s your favorite piece of workout clothing? Favorite thing to make in the crockpot? Favorite thing about this post? Favorite thing about December?