Fa La La La La (you’re totally singing it in your head as you’re reading this)

1.Yesterday, my wedding dress came in. If I could, I would have visited it right away, but it’s in New York. Since we are having the wedding there, I figured I might as well get the dress there, too. I don’t want to deal with customs for it. At all. So yeah, I’m really excited. I’m also interested to see how much it’s going to need to be altered since I’m 15 pounds lighter than when I bought it in August. Iiiiiiinteresting.

2. I went to the mall to get some Christmas gifts for Tyler. Don’t tell him I got a few things for myself as well.

3. I made 4093752039527059 cookies so far this week. Some were for fun, some were to eat, and some were to give away. I’m going to wait to post the recipe for the ones I sent for the cookie swap. They are seriously good. I only hope they’re still seriously good when they get to her!

4. Layla got her nails done yesterday.

12.12 layla

Now she’s super stealth getting around the house. No more tap tap tap tap tap tap tap…I’m sure the tapping will be back soon.

5. I took her to the park immediately after so that I could wear her out. She is the weirdest dog at the park- she just sprints around paying no attention to the other dogs. Or she will sprint to them, then get about 4 feet away and realize she’s anti-social, and sprint right back to me. Whatever. She also gets diarrhea. Now riddle me this: diarrhea is pretty impossible to pick up with a poop bag, but I feel obligated to pick it up when people are around. Is it cool to just leave it?

No, no no. Don’t answer that.

6. Last night was supposed to be a cute couples night at home. We were going to decorate cookies and watch Love Actually since Tyler has never seen it. Me being the gym junkie that I am, cut the movie off about 30 minutes before it was over because I wanted to work out before the gym closed. Not romantic at all. At least we got to eat decorate a few cookies though.

12.12 workout

7. So I sweat a lot when I workout. A LOT. But yesterday I must have been in beast mode because even the tinted moisturizer I was wearing was starting to drip all over the bike. Woof. I also forgot to put my ring back on after baking so people at the gym were probably all like “Hey look at that single girl on the bike. She’s sweating No. 03 Medium Nude” (Ok, first of all, no guy will know tint shades and second, how can NUDE have more than one shade?)

8. Now that I am 100% bored, I need suggestions on what to do. OTHER THAN: baking, working out, watching House Hunters, doing crafts or napping. Seriously, it’s hard to think of something!

9. I have been singing Deck The Halls all day. It’s freaking out my dog. Especially the Fa La La La La La La La La part.

10. I feel like God needs to invent more kinds of meat. I run out of ideas for dinner with chicken, beef and turkey. I could totally make every meal with bacon, but I want my life expectancy to be longer than 33 years.

11. My eyelids are peeling.

12. I haven’t ‘done’ my hair in almost 3 weeks. I’ve only put on makeup once in that same time period. Don’t even get me started on bra wearing. I feel like an ugly dump.

I gotta go. (Not go as in pee, but go as in work out, take my dog to the park and get dinner ready) Peace.