11 things

Last night, I saw in the bloggy world that I was nominated yet again for a Liebster Award. (insert dusting off shoulder here). I don’t want to go through the WHOLE thing again, since I just recently did. But for the sake of procrastinating work, and talking about myself (love to do that), I decided to answer the 11 questions posted by liv.
1. What are you wearing right now?

  • jammies!

2. What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

  • define ‘crazy’ all of my actions are completely rational (hahahahahahah)

3. You can go anywhere in the world right now. Where would you go?

  • home (NY). Ok, ok, that was a sentimental answer. How about Fiji?

4. What is a secret talent you have?

5. What is one piece of technology you can’t live without?

  • my iPhone. NO WAIT. The refrigerator. That’s technology.

6. If you were dying, what would your last meal be?

  • In-N-Out burger, my mom’s wacky cake, and a Pyramid Apricot Ale<—my ALL TIME favorite beer on earth. SOMEONE PLEASE SEND ME SOME?!!!!!!!!!

7. Target or Walmart? Why?

  • TARGET. Because of this:


8. Lake or beach? Why?

  • Beach. I was born in one called NEWPORT (maybe you’ve heard of it?) Also, I’d rather risk being swept away and eaten by a shark than swim in a dark dank nature-pool full of grody fish.

9. Do you have any siblings? How many? Are you close to them?

  • No.

10. Write down the last song you listened to?

11. If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

  • Pay off my wedding, the house, buy a car and book a vacation.

Workouts and Christmas Gifts!

Hey, internets. It’s me, Jen. I’ve been SUPER busy the last few days working on my finals. MY.LAST.FINALS.


I actually turned one in Tuesday night and already got my unofficial final grade (it’s an A 😉 )I have a little more to complete of my other exam, then DONE!

The only breaks I really took were to workout, make dinner, and watch Ellen. Priorities, people.

My workouts have actually been following this phase from Best Body Bootcamp! I have been feeling pretty great this week- even under all this stress!

Monday: 30 minutes of sprint intervals on the treadmill. I made up my own intervals: 2 min run, 1 min run faster, 1 minute SPRINT. This was done quite a few times through- each time shortening the ‘rest’ intervals in between. Thanks, Pitbull and Will.i.am for getting me through. I waited until I got home from the gym to do the strength portion of the workout: tabata style! Tina had planned Monday’s strength tabatas to be focused on upper body moves. I seriously couldn’t stop flexing all night because I loved how awesome my arms looked! (and it only took 24 minutes. I didn’t get bored. AND I wasn’t even listening to music!)

12.6 workout

Tuesday: 30 minutes of spin. I have been actually really good at motivating myself and pushing myself on the bike lately- since I haven’t liked ANY group ex classes since moving here. On the Keiser bike, I noticed that I was getting in about 12.5 miles per 30 minute session on the bike. I know it’s not about the distance- especially since I love to dial up the resistance once in a while, but Tuesday I decided I wanted to ‘beat’ my average. I kept using the varying resistances, but I really pushed myself and got an extra mile in. SUCCESS! I also did 100 stability ball sit ups at home.

12.6 workout2

Wednesday: I knew I didn’t want to get to the gym (I really only go there now to run or spin) because I didn’t want to overdo it on the same type of cardio I had been doing this week. So, before I got in bed last night, I managed to get in strength Workout B from BBB. This one was focused on lower body, and after 24 minutes I was nice and sweaty! Great way to end the day and snuggle in bed.

Today: since my legs feel rested (ok, maybe not completely rested after last night’s workout) I am looking forward to mixing up my cardio at the gym with a combo of sprints, spin and rowing! Then maybe some abs at home.

A while back, I signed up for a blogger Christmas swap that Leigh set up. I was paired with Jolene, whose blog I had not yet come across. We swapped some emails to get an idea of what each other liked, and began reading each others blogs. On Monday, I received my package from Jolene, and I was blown away with all the awesome goodies she included. They were so ‘me’.

12.6 package


She had individually wrapped everything, so of course I was super giddy. The dog looked at me in horror as I ripped and threw paper around the room, gasping with each item. Not to mention, the paper was SUPER cute. Here’s the loot:

12.6 package2


Along with a cute card came Lindt chocolates, Toffifee, taco scented stickers, a face mask, 2 different perfume samples, lotion, chapstick, ESSIE nail polish, chocolate cake vodka, shampoo/conditioner, BACON SALT, and some treats for Layla!

The Lindt chocolates are already gone (they were PEPPERMINT flavored. Of course I ate them already) and half the box of Toffifee has been eaten (only 2 pieces from me. Tyler loved them too!) I actually never had them until Jolene sent them to me, and now I can officially say they’re on my list of favorites!

12.6 candy


Caramel, nougat, chocolate and hazelnut? Pass it on.

A huge thank you to Jolene for the awesome gifts!!!

Ok, back to the books. Hope that helped with your Jen fix. Layla says hi.

12.6 layla