New York, Day 2

Full day número dos in New York has almost come to an end.

I spent some time reading a hilarious book:


I met with my wedding DJ at Panera AND found some shoes (on sale!)


Sidenote: um, I had no idea that I had to choose songs for specific parts of the wedding. It just all seems so cliche to me and it feels like all my choices are going to be judged. Actually no, because you wouldn’t be invited if I thought you’d be judging me. So there. Anyhoo, I really REALLY like the DJ I hired. He has such a fun, normal personality.

I also went down to Saratoga with mom to try on my WEDDING DRESS. Holy snap, y’all, it is the bomb dot com. All I will say is that there is lace. And, the seamstress has to take it in about 2 whole inches through the entire dress. Did I mention this dress is cooler than cool? It’s ice cold.(Outkast reference there)

Yeah, so apparently the seamstress isn’t too busy- I told her I wouldn’t be back to try on the dress until the wedding- so she is going to have the alterations done by next week so I can actually try on the final product before heading back to Calgary. How cool is that?!

After all that exciting stuff, I went to the gym. Sans excitement there, all I did was 30 minutes of spin and 5 mins on the row machine. Only cardio today! Irregardless (haha I hate when people use that word- it’s not real! ‘bootylicious’ on the other hand, is a real word) it was a nice sweat session that somewhat still follows my Best Body Bootcamp schedule.

Dinner tonight was No Yolks topped with chicken apple sausage and veggies in homemade marinara. I topped mine with lots of sriracha. Yumtastic.


What else…….hmm I got nothing.
What did you do today?!

3 thoughts on “New York, Day 2

  1. I’m a guy so I don’t know these things. Once you get the dress fitted, are you not worried about changing shape till the wedding? It sounds complicated, to work out and eat, just enough to maintain current shape. Not change shape at all. Even if the changes overall are good. It would be stressful to me, but what do I know? I’m just a guy.

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