Oops is right. Guess I was in too much of a hurry yesterday to give some deets on the new J-O-B.

Truth is, I don’t want to tell TOO much about it. But I can tell you that it’s and Accounting Coordinator position for an industrial company. I’m really excited about it because I’ll essentially be the only person in my department, so I can really organize everything the way I want it. And the perks aren’t bad either! Good hours, benefits, and the dress code is up to me (ok, he didn’t word it like that, but he said I could wear jeans or ‘whatever’ so you know I’m having a field day at the mall)

Today is my last weekday of unemployment and I’m both excited and sad. I’m really ready to get to work, but after having all this time at home, I’m going to miss taking the puppies out for long adventures. And naps. And all-day pajama wearing.

Another thing I’m REALLY going to have to work on now is meal planning. I’ll have to get back to sitting down each weekend and planning our upcoming wee’k dinners, and also prepping lunches and snacks for work. Which reminds me, I need to buy a lunchbox. Or lunch pail. Or whatever they’re called these days.

On to other topics…

Two words. Sound like Schmike Yuelmand. Guesses? If you guessed Nike Fuelband, you would be correct. The dang think broke AGAIN!


Tyler got me the first one for Christmas, and by January it already busted. (Tip: Don’t plug it into the wall. It needs to be plugged into something with a time clock. The instructions don’t tell you that.) I called customer service and they were SUPER nice and sent me a replacement right away.

This time, I pressed the button to see how many fuel points I earned and it said ‘Memory Low Sync’ so I plugged it into my computer and got an error message right away. Customer Service said it was a hardware issue that couldn’t be troubleshooted so they’re sending me yet ANOTHER band.

Couple of things with this situation:

  1. NIKE customer service has been AWESOME. I honestly don’t mind speaking with them to have an issue resolved.
  2. HOWEVER>>>>I’m not a huge fan of the fact that I’m on my third band in 8 months.

That said, anyone have suggestions on possible alternatives to the fuel band? I really do love tracking my activity and I love how simple this band is. I really don’t want to invest in something that’s $$$$$ or complicated to navigate.

(insert 4 hour delay in typing this post while I got to the mall)

….and buy this stuff:


3 pairs of pants, a pair of jeans, leggings, 2 dresses, 3 tops, a sweater and a belt. I’m a FANTASTIC bargain shopper. In fact:

8.23 text


Yes, yes. This is what all that education prepared me for. Shopping. Shopping for clothes for the job which I acquired with the same education.


Please go slice a tomato in half. Drizzle with EVOO/S&P and slap that sucker on the grill. You’ve love it. And me for telling you about it.


8.23 tomato


Funny little tweet I sent out earlier today that has yet to generate response (I obviously know the answer, I’m just trying to be funny AIGHT?!)




I want to try to reach 200 Like on my Facebook page. And if I do, I’ll be hosting a giveaway (I know, pretty crummy I’ve never hosted a giveaway before, but umm I’m not sponsored by any company nor did I have any money to personally send you anything anyways.) But since I got this jobbity job, I feel I could scrounge up a few pennies and send one lucky winner something pretty sweet- just not sure yet what it’ll be. So tell all your friends to go like my page so we can get this giveaway started.

Have a great weekend!


Worth Mentioning

Well, it’s Monday. I’d say its back to the grind, but that’s not really the case…. for me anyways. It won’t be back to the grind until I’m home in Calgary where I have my routine with the pup, etc. And especially when I’m back to my usual eating habits! This isn’t technically a vacation, so I don’t think it’s ok that I have gained 5 pounds (not important in the overall scheme of life, but very important for the wedding dress fitting). Until then, it is what it is!

So…some things worth mentioning:

-check out Athena’s recap of this past weekend. She did a way better job than I did.

-have you heard of Vine?

It’s an app that is similar to Instagram, except with 6 second videos! I recently joined, so if you find yourself on Vine, make sure to follow me!!


-I had a bowl of oats this morning for the first time in almost a year! I topped it with a bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, wild bluebs, and walnuts. Accompanied with a couple cups of strong coffee, and I was super satisfied.

I think I was reluctant to get back into oats because they are usually calorie dense with all the add-ins, but I knew I needed some of the nutrients in addition to the staying power!

– Today’s strength workout was courtesy of Best Body Bootcamp. I only slightly modified it to make it look like this:

    Round 1 (to be continuously repeated for 15 minutes)
    Single leg dead lifts, L and R (12)
    Plank w/row (12)
    Standing oblique crunch with knee raise and overhead press (12)
    Round 2 (to be continuously repeated for 15 minutes)
    Gliding reverse lunge (12)
    Dead lift with row (12)
    Cross body curl (12)

I made my own cardio intervals to be done on the treadmill. It looked like this:


And since its snowing cats and dogs, I’m hoping to get back on the treadmill tonight to walk while I watch Biggest Loser!

– I got an email from Citizenship and Immigration Canada today that said I have passed the initial assessment for my permanent resident application! Such good, happy news. I can’t even begin to explain to you the frustration, tears, and anticipation Tyler and I have he’d over all of this. (The tears were min, obviously. Boys don’t cry)

-because of the above mentioned bullet point, there is current a bottle of prosecco in the fridge.

-my Nike+ Fuelband broke last week. Apparently, you are not supposed to charge them through a wall outlet. It’s only supposed to be charged through a device that had a time chip. But, since Nike doesn’t tell you that, you kill it, and then wind up talking to customer service for an hour attempting to troubleshoot only to have to have a replacement sent. Run on sentence? Yes. Frustrated? Heck yes.

-mama is making a Wacky cake. Yay!

I’m back

I honestly just haven’t felt like blogging lately. Mostly because my posts would probably sound like every other blogger’s posts about winter or Christmas or presents or favorites from 2012, etc…but then when you take those topics out of the equation, I really have nothing to write about. Therein lies the dilemma.

If you follow me on Instagram, you pretty much get the idea of how life has been as of late. Lots of yummy eats, and even more adult beverages. In some sort of brief recap:

December 21st– We went to The Keg. Insert the best filet mignon meal ever. And a martini, of course.



December 22nd– Lunch at Smashburger



Christmas Eve- made pork tenderloin with broccoli, balsamic mushrooms, and 7 grain rice. And double chocolate cookies 😉




Christmas Day- Cinnamon Buns for breakfast. Ham, creamed corn, glazed carrots, and twice baked potatoes for dinner.




December 29th– Eggs Benny for breakfast. Homemade pizza for dins.




Ok, food pictures are over. Onto workout stuff.

Tyler got me some pretty effin sweet gifts this Christmas. Two of my ‘biggies’ were fitness related. TRX and a Nike+ Fuelband!



Tyler actually completely dumped my computer for me (so that it would run faster) and he downloaded the new software. It runs SO MUCH FASTER. Once that was done, I set up my Nike+ profile and slapped on the FuelBand right away to see how it worked. And I totally love it! It tracks my active time, distance, calories, and the Fuel I have earned for the day. So awesome.

And I broke out the TRX bands the other day to incorporate a pretty sweet full-body tabata workout. (I’ll post that workout soon!)



I signed up for Round 4 of Best Body Bootcamp! The sign up deadline is tomorrow and Bootcamp starts January 7th for 8 weeks (and it’s only $25!)


Layla tried to take part in all my at-home workouts.



I also got to the gym quite a few times for cardio sessions (spin/run)

And on a final note, Tyler booked my trip home! I leave for NY on January 13th for a couple weeks, and I’m super excited!

Ok wait, one more final note: Check out pv.body (if you haven’t already).


It’s the monthly mail subscription that assesses your fitness apparel likes and sends you one top and one bottom each month. They’re top name brands, and they generally retail for considerably more than what you pay for the subscription! If you sign up through me, via this link, you get 20% of the normal purchase price of $49. And you’re locked in at that price. I suggest you check it out… I have gotten a few of the boxes already and love the clothing! (Free returns.exchanges, too!)



What are some good eats you’ve had recently? 

What about workouts?!!