I’m publishing this frustrating post now…and will most likely regret it later

Blog—>Social Media.

Social Media—>SOCIAL.

Social: the interaction of one with others.

I started this blog last year when I first moved to Calgary as a means of connecting with the people I used to always be around, and to reach out to others who live a similar lifestyle. But lately, I have noticed that there is almost nothing social about my blog (at least from my perspective). I spend hours linking, editing, adding and creating these stupid little posts, and I have somehow only acquired about 25 regular readers. 

Call me selfish. (I refer to myself as bored and having the desire to be the ‘cool kid.’ something I have strived for since kindergarten and have never been able to achieve.)

In an attempt to promote my blog, and the work that goes behind it (even though it may not LOOK like much), I started tweeting and instagramming and even created a facebook page. What did that get me? An empty feeling on three additional social media platforms. 

(Another reason why I chose to step away from the blog the last two weeks.)

..it probably doesn’t help that I am currently in a state of limbo between

  1. living in a place where I have none of my friends around me; and
  2. the fact that I can just NOW start looking for work. (cause for additional frustration)

(For the record, Tyler has been really supportive of me through all this. But it is unexplored territory for the both of us, so we are doing our best!)

Now, I don’t blog from the States, so it is pretty impossible for me to host a ton of giveaways because mailing them would be MY cost. And it would be super expensive. Even though it would be a great way to increase readership, it is just too financially draining.

And that’s not to say that I’m LOOKING for sponsors or free stuff from companies by any means, but it is super disheartening to see other bloggers get loads and loads of ‘SWAG’ (PS: I loathe that word) and constantly pimp it through twitter, instagram, and the like. And not only to pimp it out ONCE, but to do it multiple times. Their readership: increased.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing new recipes and workouts and products that I have come across, it’s just really hard when I am cooped in a house (‘cooped’ meaning I don’t have 8 hours of being at work each weekday – or something similar to that- ) and I write posts that I think will get people excited to workout or bake or LAUGH and they will comment on it.. 

and then I get almost nothing.

BUT. i DO thank those of you who take the time to write to me. You have NO idea how happy it makes me. Even if it’s just an emotion or something stupid. You took the time to write to ME. 

I am ALWAYS looking for things to write about and continuously reach out for suggestions so I can keep my ongoing readers entertained.

I’m sorry if this offends any of you who do comment here, but I just wanted to share what I am feeling. Remember: not all blog posts have to be positive! (I don’t want to be one of those who create a false world of ‘awesomeness’ that is their life only to make readers feel less than their best when they are experiencing not-so-awesome things in their own lives.)

The moral of the story: my blog has yet to be what I want it to be. Perhaps that’s my fault.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do things so that I can write about them in my next post.


41 thoughts on “I’m publishing this frustrating post now…and will most likely regret it later

  1. Don’t regret expressing how you feel, my friend. The blog world is a confusing, weird, and still new place to me too – I feel that way even though I’m approaching my two year point of blogging in a couple months. It’s REAL hard to find that balance between self-promotion and what you describe in this post, while trying to keep it real at the same time. I love reading your posts and you do make me laugh, in every one, even this one!

    • Thanks, Athena. I was getting really caught up in seeing other bloggers continuously repost on twitter, etc. and was getting annoyed. AND they were actually tweeting that they wouldn’t purchase products or partake in events unless they were given to them or sponsored. I think it’s just a ridiculous way to turn around and promote to their readers. And unfair! Venting made me feel so much better- I woke up at 2 this morning and actually thought out all I really wanted to say.

  2. Your comment about having an empty feeling on three additional social medias reminds me of the line from the movie He’s Just Not That Into You. “Now you have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. Its exhausting!” Wait… my movie quote makes it sound like I’m making a comparison between you and people who learn others aren’t that into them… That is NOT what I mean! AHH! I should probably get to my point… we MISS YOU! I know I don’t comment enough, and well… that’s basically because I’m trying to keep up with work while jamming at least half the amount of fitness in my day that I jealously watch you complete. But I do keep up! I’m sorry you’re having one of “those days” but don’t apologize for it. Go on and let it out lady! Not many people would be able to go through the transition you have this year. You’re a pretty strong person, and not I’m not just talking biceps!

  3. A couple thoughts for you:
    1. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way 😦
    2. Maybe you had an idea that the blog would do more for you, but I feel like it has actually helped you stay in touch with friends and has helped you meet other bloggers in the calgary area. I believe that you and I have actually gotten closer over social media since you moved because we only just met each other when you were getting ready to move! Plus, I’ve heard about you having lunch and getting together with other bloggers near you, so that has to mean something!
    3. I can’t talk too much about blog-related things and increasing readership, but it seems like hosting a month-long challenge like Athena has done would maybe help some? Also, I’m wondering if the time you post things has anything to do with how many comments you get? I know that sometimes when I read your posts, I’m at work and might have time to read through briefly, but not really to comment or click on links.
    4. Just to discuss a few things that your blog has helped with for me: you have inspired me to get more creative in the kitchen. I now think of using toppings and mix-ins that I never would have thought about before for things like yogurt, oatmeal, salads, etc! I have also gotten some GREAT recipes through your blog that I now use on the regular (like chicken chili, which I like more than the regular chili I used to make).
    5. Keep your head up because I’m sure things will get better!

    • 1. just needed to vent. phew!
      2. i have been in touch with other local bloggers, just still finding the differences in lifestyles to be a bit challenging.
      3. i am ALWAYS thinking of the various time zones and realize more often than not, most readers are seeing the publish at a ‘bad time’. boo
      4. yay! and i agree, the chicken chili is SO good.
      5. Thanks, I appreciate it :):)

  4. Your blog is good. Please dont stop because you feel you have a lack of readers. Your workout posts and pics serve as great motivation for me. Since I strarted reading it I have lost 10 pounds. I have you to thank for that.

  5. Blogs are a weird world, and although i have always wanted to start my own but haven’t for various reasons, I sometimes don’t get how some are so very popular and some aren’t. And really, I don’t think necessarily give aways are the be all end all.

    Moving away from my blog speak (which wasn’t long anyways), moving to new places it does take I think anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before you really see any progress with friends and ‘real’ social interactions. I’ve moved quite a bit in my years and I would get to that frustrated area just to move again. I”m still in a relatively new town now for 2 years now and still haven’t really gotten into much – but I blame my newborn for adding to that.

    I do enjoy reading your blog and you are funny! I am just sorry that even though I laughed out loud over hear – without me placing that on the web, you wouldn’t have heard it.

  6. Hey! I read – but to honest I hate commenting on wordpress, it’s annoying to have to add my name and email everytime, especially on my phone. I know that stupid but it’s true. I think for me, the more I reach out to other blogs I love, comment on them, visit new blogs that appeal to me and comment there, the more you will connect to others and you will get more readers I am sure. or do link ups that appeal to you too..just puts you out there and I don’t have twitter, facebook for my blog or link my IG account to my blog. Just a thought. 🙂

  7. You are one of my favorites, simply because you are YOU and REAL and that’s what I think we need more of in the blog world. I honestly gloss over those who are always promoting things and pimping stuff out on their blogs, and I have stopped commenting on the bigger bloggers just because I like the feel of the community in the small blogs. Keep living your life, working out and cooking some amazing meals like you do, trust me you do not go unnoticed even if I don’t always comment I am always reading and enjoying your content. 🙂

  8. Your blog is in my Google Reader, so I read it every time you update it 🙂 I think your posts are hilarious. I love how sarcastic and real you are, and I especially love your recipes! Plus, you motivate me with your crazy workout schedule. I never comment–mostly because I’m sneakily reading your blog at work or on my phone–but I read it all the time! 🙂

  9. Hi I’m new to blogging (less than a year). I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes, we just have to be patient. I think it takes time to gain readers and followers.

    Btw, Ilike your posts because they are very honest. 🙂 Keep it up! 🙂

  10. As I mentioned on Twitter, a big part of getting comments and finding new readers is connecting with people by tweeting back to them or leaving comments on their blog. I know you said that you aren’t near a computer often to comment on blogspot blogs, but maybe take 15 mins a day and log in on your computer and do that. Even if it’s just leaving a comment to say hey I just found your blog and we have x, y, z in common, will help other commenters find your blog.

    I don’t know if you were hoping to grow your blog big enough to earn money off of it, but I know for myself that’s not my goal. Sometimes I’d love to have a bigger readership, more followers, etc, but then I step back and realize that I have made some great friends through my blog and have some awesome followers. So what if I don’t have thousands of them, I am grateful for every one of them that takes the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment.

  11. I always read your blog! As someone else said above, because you are so real! It makes me feel better about having a glass of wine on Wednesday night. Just kidding but how sad it is that I noticed and used your recipe header before you even announced it! Please keep blogging, cooking and workout it, its entertaining and motivating!

  12. Hi Jen! I read all of your blogs and enjoy all of them! I love all of your creativity, recipes and especially how much you love your husband and dog! I usually don’t comment cause I didn’t know how much appreciated those little comments were that come from loyal readers that take time out to read your blog. I think you’re great and keep it up! Hope your rant felt good. Sometimes it’s a good thing. 😃

  13. Your blog is awesome! I randomly found you when you replied to an Instagram pic of Brittany gibbon’s where you told her that soda stream was amazing even if just from vodka mixes. I’ve been a loyal reader since! You are so real, and you had me when you refused to turn this into a wedding blog (thank you thank you thank you!). I’ve been just another “secret reader” since then. Keep it up. I love the recipes, the work outs and the Canada highs and lows. I work for a Canadian based company and feel like I relate more than ever through your hilarious posts on what Canada lacks and wins with. So, keep it up. The followers will come.

  14. Here, finally, with the long promised comment. I get a kick out of your blog. And tweets. Commenting happens sometimes. I’ve been blogging a long time, and my readership has stayed essentially flat. Some old readers go away, and some new ones come. Not sure why. Never regret what you publish. Say what you think and be honest. Anything else is fake, and that turns a lot of people off.

    Plus, you’ve got a case of cabin fever, even though you’ve just been on vacation. Canadian winters will do that to you. Work out harder, and drink more wine. It works for us.

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  16. I read your blog daily! I took some of your classes at the Y before you left for Canada and found your blog through Fitness and Feta. I love all the workouts and recipes and on top of that you are hilarious! Keep doing what you are doing, just because there are not a lot of comments doesn’t mean people are not taking a lot back from your posts. I look forward to reading them and like all above readers love how real and honest each post is. I will try to comment more! Keep up the good work!

  17. I love reading your blog. I don’t work out as much as you, unless you count running after a 1 1/2yr old all day long. 🙂 I like reading about your workouts and new meal creations. I went from teaching for 8yrs to becoming a stay at home mom. I love it and reading your blog gives me that adult interaction I need some days. Keep up the great work on your blog and best of luck on your job search!

  18. As a relatively new blogger, I have started to comment more because I know how depressing it can be to see how many “hits” your blog has, and then have ZERO comments (thankfully, my mom and a couple of diligent members in my classes are awesome at always commenting). Also, the more I get my name out there by commenting on other blogs, the more visitors I get FROM those blogs, SO even though I don’t want to comment on some of the bigger/more popular blogs because they already have so many comments and probably dont read them (i know. so immature on my part), I have been doing that because I notice that it brings people to my blog. Granted, I am only 2 months into blogging, so I could be in that “honeymoon” stage wher epeople are commenting because they know I am new, but still. What i am trying to say is I laugh at your blog all the time and totally get jealous of all yoru time to workout and all the neat tools you have… so keep doing what you’re doing and stay patient:) you always have a million likes on instagram and that makes me so jealous!! 🙂

  19. I can totally relate. I attempted to have a blog twice and both times I felt like it was just a lesson in pimping myself out! I couldn’t do giveaways because at the time I lived in the UK and all the companies wanted American winners, I spent too much time doing something other than writing/blogging, which is the reason I started the blog in the first place. So I hear ya and I don’t think you should regret any of these things you’re feeling about your blog. I am a new reader but I like it here so far. 🙂

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