An Anywhere Workout

Another week. Blah



Obviously not much has gone on since I last posted. Especially now that we are back in Calgary and I am back to my boring old routine of sleep-clean-workout.

I figured I’d share with you one of the workouts I did while I was in NY. This was the only one I could really remember off the top of my head, as most of them were hodge podge workouts with what equipment I had available and how much time I had.

Luckily for me, my parents have a treadmill in the basement and 5-8-10 lb sets of weights so I am able to do a lot with those while also incorporating some body weight stuff, TRX, Gliding Discs, etc.

So I did this workout last friday (7/5) right before I had to get ready for our rehearsal dinner. Everyone (‘everyone’ being Tyler, my mom and dad, and my godparents) was sitting in the kitchen enjoying some early afternoon cocktails while I snuck in about a 20 minute workout. The first part of the workout was the following:



Note: The ATW weighted lunges require holding a dumbbell and mimicking this order: front lunge right, side lunge right, reverse lunge right, reverse lunge left, side lunge left, front lunge left. Get it?

Note #2: The standing crunches do not require weights, but you can hold one for an extra challenge, which I did. Standing up, hold a dumbbell in your right hand with you arm fulling extended overhead and palm facing forward. Drop the elbow at the same time as you draw your right knee up in attempt to touch knee to elbow. Get it?

I did this 3x through then got on the treadmill for 10 min of 60:60 HIIT (sprint 60 seconds, jog 60 seconds).

I was pretty dang sweaty, but needed it to get myself prepped for the evening ahead!

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