Happy Humpday, y’all

Happy Humpday, y’all.

Tyler just found out that his office is closed until next Tuesday. Hot dang. This gives him almost 3 weeks out of the office, since the day after he’s supposed to go back, we head to New York!

I tried Union Hot Yoga this morning. Yeah…super workout. LOVED the instructor. I’m pooped.


I read this post this morning and TOTALLY identified with it. There are some dum dums at the gym and I can’t staaaaaand them. (Hint: It’s a Gym Rant)



I got my hair did yesterday. If you need someone in Calgary to do your hair, ask for Alicia at Karma Salon and Spa.



New nail polishes: Muchi, Muchi and Pure Pearlfection. (Gotta stay late pre-wedding so I don’t stain my nails!)

6.26 nails


EVERYONE GO MAKE PICO DE GALLO NOW. It’s so summery and so tasty and so…healthy.

  • 2 tomatoes, chopped
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • Juice of 2 limes
  • Chopped cilantro to taste
  • 1-2 t minced garlic


We started using those Crest White Strips this week. Gotta have pearly whites for pic, ya know. We got those 30 min ones and basically just sit in silence the whole time because otherwise we talk like we have headgear in. Or we sound like me every night with my retainers in. Because yes, I still wear them.

Tyler is currently manning the ‘Cue so I gotta go get some salads ready for din din. PEACE.

Eats & Exercise

Hey guys. Tyler still hasn’t been able to go into work yet..which makes this a 5-day weekend for him so far. It’s so weird to live in a city where there is so much flooding (i.e.: ‘devastation’ but I hate using that word) yet not be affected by it at all. Well, minus having Tyler in the house for a few extra days. 

On to some of last week’s eats:

Monday: BLTs



Tuesday: BBQ Chicken & roasted veggies



Wednesday: Clubhouse Turkey Burgers (recipe can be found here. And ohmygosh are they GOOOOOOOOD burgers!)



Thursday: Portobello Pizzas. Holy heck, the picture makes it look like they’re oozing with cheese! Trust me, they were not. Otherwise my stomach would have murdered me.



Friday: Tacos



Last Week’s Workouts:



  • Tuesday: 20 min run, 10 min spin, Baptiste Vinyasa Hot Yoga



  • Wednesday: Best Body Bootcamp Strength Workout B,Traditional Hot Yoga, 15 min run, 10 min spin



  • Thursday: Traditional Hot Yoga



  • Friday: Traditional Hot Yoga. I know this might sound weird, but I actually felt my hips open up during this class. I have no idea how to describe the feeling other than that it felt as if I could control my hips and actually move them away from the center of my body. Now if only my knees would loosen up…
  • Saturday: Active Rest
  • Sunday: Off

So Saturday we were out and about running errands (aka: Looking for Tyler’s outfit for the wedding. You can tell how serious we are about this wedding since we waited until 2 weeks before to do this!) When we came home, Reggie had successfully pooped, peed, and got into the mud room closet and shred his bag of food…but he didn’t break the plastic barrier, so he got none of the food. I always wonder if Layla just stares at him while he’s doing all these naughty things. I decided to take pictures of both of them once we got home (and reprimanded Reggie) yet somehow, both dogs look like they were guilty parties. Let me remind you, Reggie was the ONLY guilty party in this incident.



One of our errands was to actually purchase new plastic bins for both types of dog food, so we completely cleaned out the mud room closet and got those bad boys in there.

There was actually SUN on SUNday, so I laid out on the patio until the clouds reappeared. I think the puppies were just excited for the sunshine.


Friday Thingamajigs

1Has anyone ever tried Elevate Me bars? Tyler recently bought a box and I received one for free from our local supplement store. Since I still had lots of Quest Bars in the house, I opted to finish those off before even giving the Elevate Me bars a shot. (It usually takes me 3 attempts to finish a Quest Bar because they are so filling!)


The verdict? They’re so tasty! Think Larabar meets extra protein. Plus, the bar is divided into 3 portions, so it’s easy just to have a bit for an energy boost or to curb hunger. So far, I have tried the Chocolate Acai Berry Brownie and the Cocoa Coconut Cluster. It’s not often I find a bar I like, but these definitely pass the test!

2. Remember when I went to a kickboxing class a couple weeks ago? Well, I must’ve kicked the bag way hard because I still have scabs on the tops of my feet. No bueno when the wedding is coming up in TWO WEEKS. But hey, I gots mad skillz.


3. Some days ya got it, and some days ya don’t. In my case: I have found that days I do strength training, I am barely bendy in yoga, and days I do only cardio, I am super bendy. It’s cool cause I have accepted it, and it is making for some interesting classes!


4. Reminding myself it could always be worse:


5. Will someone please send me a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips? Thanks


6. When I want people to get back to me ASAP.


7. This is seriously one of my favorite songs of all time. And the video is one of my faves as well.

8. This is a little video for my fellow Calgary friends. Since there is some massive flooding/rain/gross weather, this gives light on how to entertain yourselves. I’m  totally doing it.

Time to booze workout.

Tell me something about your week!

Thursday Things

Did you know Tom Selleck is the narrator of the North America series on Discovery? It makes me love the show that.much.more.

Need a workout, but don’t have the time to write one up? Try this one. It’s really good, and you can pretty much do it while you watch North America. Or Spartacus. Or The Bachelorette. Speaking of the Bachelorette, this season is lame-o. I don’t understand how it can continue to run. Actually, I do. The drama that ensues gets plastered in tabloids, which gives more publicity to the network, which allows them to charge more for advertisers, which makes them have season after season after season.

It won’t stop raining which means I have zero opportunity to work on a tan. On the plus side, it gives me zero opportunity to have a bad tan line.

I need a beer in my face RIGHT NOW. Or maybe one of these so I can still get in some sweet dance moves without spilling.


Hey, remember that one post not too long ago where I shared the recipe I have been using for a single serving microwave chocolate chip cookie? Well, yeah…yesterday, I went to make it again and I realized we had no butter. WHAT KIND OF HOUSE HAS NO BUTTER. I AM SPARTA! AHH!!! Um, I already had chocolate chip cookie on the brain, so I was determined to make it. I substituted the butter with a 50/50 mixture of unsweetened applesauce and EVOO. HOLY EFFFF the cookie was AH-MUH-ZING. Speaking of am-muh-zing, I’m loving me this Best of Penny montage from Happy Endings:

She is my sister from another mister. Fo reals.

I am also really loving this wedding vid. I wish we would do something like that…I’ll probably just dance like a crazy all night.

What do you want to see on the blog? Silent readers, speak up! (I am running outta material here, folks)

It WAS going good..

It WAS going good..and now, not so much.

It wasn’t until I was running out the door to yoga last night that I noticed there is a hole in the butt of my FAVORITE lulus. Ok, it’s not a hole YET, but its super worn to the point where it looks like I have something somewhat flesh colored on my butt. Combine that with all the bending over in class and we’ve got ourselves a problem. I am super sad about it because I just can’t afford another pair.


Then, this morning I got a call saying that I DIDN’T get the job that I had spent the last 3 months interviewing for. Talk about total let down. I shouldn’t get into specifics, but after a solid 20 minutes of anger and sadness, I spent a good chunk of time revising my resume and searching for other job postings. They say it’s not what you know but WHO you know. So does that mean it was a bad idea to get my Masters and move to a country where I can count on one hand the number of people I really know? (hint: it’s just Tyler). I just don’t understand why someone like me is so unlucky in this part of my life. I fell into a job in Boston out of necessity (re: Rent is HIGH and a jobs a job) and now my experience, coupled with my ongoing education, is just undesirable for a large, booming city.

And it’s raining. Again.

And I have been awake since 2:30AM

And, I am putting Winesday Wednesday on hold. It’s been somewhat of a slump, and I just can’t get myself motivated lately to fill up the post with additional drink-related things.

Probably because my computer is on the fritz.

And so is my car.

All I really want is to hang out with my girlfriends. But they live all over the country. And not this country. The one below me.

I’m just let down. It’s odd because I am still eating pretty healthy, working out, and even yoga helps me ‘check out’ for a couple hours, but I still seem to be climbing this steep hill to get to something–and I’m not even sure I know what it is yet. I am happy–I have a great guy and two stupid silly dogs, but I crave things in my life to just make me feel normal again. I miss having a bit of independence (i.e.: my own money), socializing, and disconnecting from routine tasks like laundry, meal prep, laundry, laundry, laundry…

I honestly don’t really know where I’m going with this and I don’t know how to properly word exactly what it is I’m feeling, but I’m hoping maybe a few of you understand.

Also, do you know how expensive it is to board 2 dogs for 10 nights? I don’t even want to tell you how many numbers are in front of the decimal.


Leave me a comment. Maybe something funny? Great, thanks.