I slept!


I slept through the whole night last night. Tears of joy people, tears of joy. UNTIL, the big dog decided to wake up at 5:30 and whine until I got up to feed her. Snob.

Not much going on today (and yet, where did the time go?)

Lunch was enjoyed on the picnic table right outside my office. Um yes, this is my new favorite flavor of kombucha. Also, I opted for just veggies with hummus at lunch today because my previous lunches were really upsetting my stomach- more so for the reason that I was eating the meal and sitting all day. If I were moving around, the meal would settle a lot better.


Took an alternate route home (still figuring out which is the best on certain days/times of the week). Who would’ve thought it was faster to drive THROUGH downtown? Crazy, I tell you.


Last night, I was signed up for a 7:45 yoga class, but when I got to the parking lot, I saw that over half of the lot was closed off for paving- they’ve been working on this lot for over a year, I swear. There was absolutely nowhere for me to park, so I drove back home. And obviously cried, because I get REALLY frustrated when my workouts are interrupted. After sitting at home and pouting for about an hour, I headed over to the gym and busted through some circuits and HIIT on the bike. I was grumpy throughout the whole thing and almost cried again when I got home.

Lame, I know, but working out is my thing and I hate when/if it’s taken away from me.

Tonight, I’m heading back over for a later class, so I hope I’ll be able to find some parking. I’m also planning on a pyramid workout/outdoor run early tomorrow morning. I don’t have to go into work until noon since I’ll be staying late into the evening with some training at work.

Here’s the pyramid workout I’m planning on. (Performing one rep of each move, then 2, 3…up to 10 of each, then coming back down to 1)

8.28 workout

Now that you know every nook and cranny of my day, I’mma get outta here.

HEY, GUESS WHAT? I want to be able to post every day now. I think it’s helping me keep a little bit of my sanity. BUT I need to know what YOU want to read from me? Suggestions on topics, or maybe even a weekly recurring post? Let me know! (Keeping my dinners in one post already)

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Whole Wheat Zucchini Blueberry Muffins

Hi friends. Tonight’s post is going to be a quick one. Unless inspiration suddenly hits and I get chatty. But I don’t think I have time to be chatty. What with this whole new schedule and all, I feel like a chicken with its head cut off just trying to accomplish all my daily tasks on top of being at work most of the day. How do people live like this?!!!

I mean…Sure, I’ve done the whole work thing before, but I had that piled on with grad school, teaching group ex classes, and traveling to and from NY every weekend. Not sure how I managed all that, but I certainly thought it would be easier just having ‘work’ on my list.

But, life changes (thank God, or else I’d still have braces and glasses and let girls kick me) and now I’ve gotta think about meals and two dogs and a husband and a whole friggin house to clean.

So where was I? Yeah, the short post.

Yesterday, I mentioned in my day of eats that my late afternoon snack consisted of whole wheat zucchini blueberry muffins. Just wanted to drop in and share the recipe with you because they are so good I get giddy when I eat them.


I only have the one picture of them while they were cooling in the pan, because when I each them at work:

  1. I can’t use my phone
  2. I eat them too fast to even care about taking a picture

After the muffins fully cooled, I put them in ziploc bags in groups of two. Most were for me, some were for Tyler, and none were for the dogs, although we found that Reggie somehow got onto the counter (they were sitting on the counter pushed ALL THE WAY back) and ate one of the bags. His poop was green. You’re welcome for the extra information.


Whole Wheat Zucchini Blueberry Muffins

  • 2 1/4 c whole wheat flour
  • 1 c brown sugar
  • 1/2 c sugar
  • 3/4 t baking powder
  • 3/4 t baking soda
  • 3/4 t salt
  • 1 1/2 t cinnamon
  • 2 eggs + 1 egg white
  • 1/2 c applesauce
  • 1/2 c vegetable oil
  • 1 zucchini, shredded
  • 1 cup blueberries

1. Preheat oven to 350. Prepare a muffin pan.

2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl except zucchini. Stir until fully incorporated.

3. Fold in the shredded zucchini.

4. Fill muffin tin and bake for about 25 minutes (or until springy to touch, allowing them to sit in pan for a few minutes after removed from the oven will let them cook slightly more)

5. EAT

A Day of Eats (for a working girl)

Well, I made it through my first day of work. I completely forgot how exhausting it is to wear a bra for that long. 

I thought I’d share my full day of eats from my first full day on the job. It was all good stuff too, as I’d spent a good chunk of time in the kitchen yesterday making sure everything was prepped for the entire week. 

Just before heading out the door, I blended a green smoothie to slurp on the road. It consisted of spinach, frozen tropical fruit, chocolate protein powder and unsweetened almond milk.



Late morning snack: whole wheat zucchini blueberry muffins (I had two). Let me know if you think I should post the recipe. Ok, twist my arm, I will. THEY ARE TOO GOOD TO KEEP TO MYSELF!!!!! Look for the recipe soon.



Late lunch: quinoa topped with sauteed broccoli, zucchini and red pepper mixed with garlic hummus



Road Soda: 1/2 of my favorite flavor of kombucha!



Dinner: Asian chopped salad and sourdough toast



So there ya have it. In other news, I completely cleaned out my closet yesterday. Fortunately for you, I didn’t take a ‘before’ shot, but I managed to take about 60% of what I own OUT of there.



That’s the ‘after’. I feel so zen now that I can actually see what I have in there. Now if only I could find someone willing to buy the rest of my clothes off me….

Plus, I need the cash to stock up on more clothes. Because I’m getting good at the whole shopping thing. Check out my new little belt friend. He kept me company all day:



But he got a little tight after a day full of quinoa and 4 liters of water. Rude.

And with that, I leave you with some rhetorical questions posed by singers:

What is Love?

Who Let the Dogs Out?

What Rhymes With Hug Me?

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

What’s My Age Again?

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

What’s Your Fantasy?

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Do You Like Pina Coladas?

Got any to add to the list? 

What’s your go-to packed lunch? Snacks you keep at your desk?

The Return of Sunday No-fun Day

Since I can remember, I hated Sundays. The weekend is over=the fun is over. Time to either to get ready for a week of work, or to complete last minute schoolwork (or both). Up until this past December, I would wake up on Sunday mornings and just be in a day-long state of anxiety because of what the week would bring. Granted, the stress of work was eliminated from my mind about 18 months ago, but I was still in school- which in some cases was even worse. 

The last 8 months have been pretty great. No stress. Ok some stress, because I was TRYING to find another job. But that whole Sunday shitty feeling was gone. 


I start my new job tomorrow. I’m kinda nervous. Mostly because I am going to be responsible for stuff again. Like MONEY stuff. Not just making sure the house is clean and the dogs are still alive. 

Plus, there’s my sanity. I’m really hoping to enjoy this new experience while also maintaining all the fun stuff I’ve been able to enjoy in the last year and a half. Fun stuff being: workouts, baking, dog walking and napping. Not to mention the ability to not acquire desk job muffin top.




Ok, so my last ‘free’ weekend was pretty good. We picked Reggie up from the vet on Friday night after his surgery. It went really well, and he ended up snuggling with us on the couch for the rest of the night.



Saturday, Tyler and I headed out to Canmore. We had lunch at our favorite place, The Grizzly Paw, then took a quick drive to hike the High Line Trail. We didn’t do the entire trail, but we got through a good chunk of it before turning around and heading back (rather than completing the loop).



We parked near Quarry Lake, where a lot of families had come to make it a beach day. By the time we were ready to leave, there were tons of vendors setting up for what looked to be like a wedding. If it was, it was a beautiful location to get hitched!



And of course, I napped in the car on the way home. And Tyler made us dinner. Yum yum.



Time to meal prep for the week!

How was your weekend?



Oops is right. Guess I was in too much of a hurry yesterday to give some deets on the new J-O-B.

Truth is, I don’t want to tell TOO much about it. But I can tell you that it’s and Accounting Coordinator position for an industrial company. I’m really excited about it because I’ll essentially be the only person in my department, so I can really organize everything the way I want it. And the perks aren’t bad either! Good hours, benefits, and the dress code is up to me (ok, he didn’t word it like that, but he said I could wear jeans or ‘whatever’ so you know I’m having a field day at the mall)

Today is my last weekday of unemployment and I’m both excited and sad. I’m really ready to get to work, but after having all this time at home, I’m going to miss taking the puppies out for long adventures. And naps. And all-day pajama wearing.

Another thing I’m REALLY going to have to work on now is meal planning. I’ll have to get back to sitting down each weekend and planning our upcoming wee’k dinners, and also prepping lunches and snacks for work. Which reminds me, I need to buy a lunchbox. Or lunch pail. Or whatever they’re called these days.

On to other topics…

Two words. Sound like Schmike Yuelmand. Guesses? If you guessed Nike Fuelband, you would be correct. The dang think broke AGAIN!


Tyler got me the first one for Christmas, and by January it already busted. (Tip: Don’t plug it into the wall. It needs to be plugged into something with a time clock. The instructions don’t tell you that.) I called customer service and they were SUPER nice and sent me a replacement right away.

This time, I pressed the button to see how many fuel points I earned and it said ‘Memory Low Sync’ so I plugged it into my computer and got an error message right away. Customer Service said it was a hardware issue that couldn’t be troubleshooted so they’re sending me yet ANOTHER band.

Couple of things with this situation:

  1. NIKE customer service has been AWESOME. I honestly don’t mind speaking with them to have an issue resolved.
  2. HOWEVER>>>>I’m not a huge fan of the fact that I’m on my third band in 8 months.

That said, anyone have suggestions on possible alternatives to the fuel band? I really do love tracking my activity and I love how simple this band is. I really don’t want to invest in something that’s $$$$$ or complicated to navigate.

(insert 4 hour delay in typing this post while I got to the mall)

….and buy this stuff:


3 pairs of pants, a pair of jeans, leggings, 2 dresses, 3 tops, a sweater and a belt. I’m a FANTASTIC bargain shopper. In fact:

8.23 text


Yes, yes. This is what all that education prepared me for. Shopping. Shopping for clothes for the job which I acquired with the same education.


Please go slice a tomato in half. Drizzle with EVOO/S&P and slap that sucker on the grill. You’ve love it. And me for telling you about it.


8.23 tomato


Funny little tweet I sent out earlier today that has yet to generate response (I obviously know the answer, I’m just trying to be funny AIGHT?!)




I want to try to reach 200 Like on my Facebook page. And if I do, I’ll be hosting a giveaway (I know, pretty crummy I’ve never hosted a giveaway before, but umm I’m not sponsored by any company nor did I have any money to personally send you anything anyways.) But since I got this jobbity job, I feel I could scrounge up a few pennies and send one lucky winner something pretty sweet- just not sure yet what it’ll be. So tell all your friends to go like my page so we can get this giveaway started.

Have a great weekend!