Last Wednesday, Tyler and I drove out to Drumheller, AB for a mini ‘us’ day and a mini adventure.

Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 7.33.37 PM


For lack of an official description (you can totally Google it if you want) Drumheller is part of the Badlands…aka where the dinosaurs are. And I really like dinosaurs- especially stegosaurus and triceratops – so it was totally worth a visit. Even better, it only took about 90 minutes to get there.

The drive was pretty boring though. A whole lot of nothing to look at. I managed to nap in both directions because that’s how good of a copilot I am.

99 drive


Once we got to Drumheller (ok ok, I know you’re too lazy to open a separate window to read about the place. So here—> I linked up the wikipedia page for you). We opted to take a tour of the museum. It was actually a lot bigger and better than I expected. The tour path took you through the different eras and displayed all different kinds of dinos and such.

I’m not really good at describing things, but if you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend checking it out. There were tons of T-rex models (some of the largest and most in tact in the world!) and it was a museum that catered to all age levels.



I oohed and aahed like a little kid the whole time. It was just no neat seeing all the dinos and actually being in the location where so many of them were found. Tyler and I kept chatting about how crazy it was that we were walking around where dinosaurs once rawred and pooped.

After we completed out tour through the museum, we headed to the lookout point and the interpretive trail to see first-hand the locations (or similar geography) where fossils were discovered. It was really hard to believe that the land was once covered with giant sequoias- the place was a true badland! It was extremely dry weather and the entire valley was dry rock and hoodoos.

Oh, I’m sorry…you don’t know what a hoodoo is? It’s one of those thin, tall rocks that have a flat top (usually because the top is made of material that doesn’t erode as easily). Lazy man definition, but it might help you answer a future jeopardy question.


Next time, we really want to make it a longer day-trip so that we can explore some of the other trails. It was a billion degrees out when we went, so we didn’t feel TOO bad about cutting our walk/hike short.



Visit any museums lately?

What’s your favorite dinosaur?

6 thoughts on “Drumheller

  1. We took a day trip there last summer and loved it. We did a canyon hike, saw Hoodoos, went on a mine tour but skipped the museum. It was so hot the day we went too.
    My favorite is a Pterodactyl.

  2. Hahaha, I loved your descriptions. You had me at rawred and pooped.

    I haven’t been to Drumheller since I was 10, but it’s nice to know that it’s still interesting and fun. You guys should check out Dinosaur sometime – there are literally fossils EVERYWHERE. I found a tooth on top of a pile of mud.

    My fav dino has always been the one with dolphin fins, but it has a really long Brontasaurus neck. I can’t remember the name!

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