I Forget What I Did Last Weekend

I really should have recapped the long weekend sooner. Because now that I’ve sat down to do it, I realize two things:

  1. I really didn’t do much
  2. …that I can remember anymore

The only way to jog my terrible memory is to look through whatever photos I managed to take. And usually on weekends, I take terrible pics.

Ok, so what happened last weekend? Hmmm. I somewhat remember eating lots of bacon and lots of eggs. I sat on the patio floor with the dogs and scared all passersby with my wispy afro.



I took the puppies to the park while Tyler was still sleeping. All the of us (me, Reggie, and Layla. Because remember, Tyler is still at home in bed at this point) frolicked around and hopped in the river. A super sunny trip to the park calls for ice cream upon our return. 



I met up with my friend Mackenzie to paint pottery



..and drink beer



And Tyler made ribs for us.


So yeah, I definitely need to work on getting these posts written sooner rather than later so that they’ll actually have content. 

5 thoughts on “I Forget What I Did Last Weekend

  1. Aw! That short term memory, we all suffer from it. It was my birthday over the long weekend and I know we went to Jubilations and I remember wanting to go to sleep at, oh, 8 pm but couldn’t, but the rest? A blur.

  2. Haha you are funny!! I made a coffee mug for my hubby once. It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! I would love to make another one for myself but I’m afraid it will be another disaster. I used to pottery paint once a year and it was lots of fun. I kind of miss it! I need to do it again.

  3. I do the same thing, but more during the week! I always thing ‘why would i take a pic of this’ and then when it comes time to recap and i have no recollection of what i did or pictures to remind me, i remember why i should take more pictures!

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