Song Memory Trigger

So I was just working out in the back room tonight, listening Hip Hop Road Trip Radio on Pandora when a super old school song came on that really triggered a vivid memory. So vivid, I’d thought I’d share.

WAY BACK IN THE DAY, when I was a cute and nerdy kid going to elementary school in Tustin, CA., I remember there was a group of girls in my class who were cheerleaders for the middle school boys football team. They were super limber and flippy, and they always hogged those big rotating ring/monkey bar thingies that were way in the back of the field during recess and lunch.


One day, they decided that they would let more girls into their ‘cool’ group. Price of admission: the ability to do a cherry picker- with a successful land- off those ring/monkey bars. (I tried Googling a video of a cherry picker, but all I got were those stupid constuction-equipment things. It’s basically when you hang from the bars with your knees and propel yourself with enough force that you can flip without using your hands and land on the ground on your feet)

Guys, I practiced and practiced and finally thought I was up for the challenge.

Mind you, there was MAJOR glory points when you got to be part of the group (here’s where the song memory trigger comes in)

If you successfully completed the cherry picker, not only were you a part of the cool girls, but you got to do the cool girls dance EVERY RECESS AND EVERY LUNCH WITH ALL THE COOL GIRLS FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR.

Hells yes I wanted in on that.

What was the song we would sing and dance to?

You bet your bippy I made it into that group.

Just before the NUNS broke us up. So badass.

PS: they were not random nuns. No. They were our teachers, being as though we were at an uber Catholic private school with uniforms and the whole shibang. Nevermind the fact that we should NOT have been listening to Snoop Dogg (update: He’s now Snoop LION.)