A Lot A Lot

Not much from this end tonight. I’m super tired and can’t wait to stare at the back of my eyelids for a few hours.


Before I sign off for the evening, I thought I’d share the upper body workout I completed today. It’s really self-explanatory. For once!



Other random bits/thoughts/whatevers:

  • I bake a lot. Like, a lot a lot. The only thing that would deter me from continuing to do so is the amount of dirty dishes it always produces.
  • I had a ton of things in my shopping cart at Zulily last night, but then saw how much I was getting taxed and paying for customs, that I trashed the entire order. So sad.
  • I NEED to find a red lipstick that suits me. 
  • I’m looking for a hip hop fitness class in Calgary. Something tells me I probably won’t find one. 
  • Of the THREE people in the gym tonight, I will admit that we were all guilty of taking gym selfies.
  • I watched the What Does The Fox Say video more times in the last few weeks than I care to admit.