Weekend/Workout Wrap Up

Oh hi there.  It’s Monday and I am still reminiscing over all the fun things I did this weekend. Less the laundry part cuz that’s lame-o.


Friday night I got together with my new Calgary besties (I don’t think this should come as a surprise to either of them that I have already coined them besties) Jen and Susie. We went over to Jen’s place for some ridiculously good mac n cheese and drinks before deciding we needed to dance. There’s only one picture on my phone from our dancing escapades which made it to Instagram, but methinks Susie took over my phone because the caption was in French. I know zero French other that what the townspeople from Beauty and the Beast say.

photo 2

We danced a LOT. So basically, my Friday workout was cardio in the form of rump shaking. It was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again. Props #1 goes to Jen for convincing the bouncers to let us cut the line. Props #2 goes to Susie for introducing me to Jager Bombs. No props for me. Mmmmm maybe props to me for attempting to twerk? No, no props for that whatsoever.

Saturday, Tyler and I headed over to The Home Vintner to pick up some wine kits. We took a class there last week- basically to pick up tips on things we may have done wrong in the past- and really wanted to get started on some more. We ended up with a Sangria and a Limited Edition Shiraz Cab.

And we went to Five Guys.

photo 3

And Costco.

And the mall (to see if the purse I really want was there, which is wasn’t) PPS: this stop was on Tyler’s recommendation! The man wants me to get a grown up purse! He’s a total keeper.

We threw together a pasta bake for dinner and had some new-to-us beers while putting together one of the wine kits.

photo 4

photo 5

(If you’re not familiar with the process, the above picture might look a bit odd. That’s Tyler dropping in a hop sock of grape skins! Also, the beer pictured is Paddock Wood from Saskatoon, SK. Delish!)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and then bed.

And I slept for 12 hours straight. WEIRD. I was pretty much dead until 11:45am when the doggies decided they no longer wanted to lay in bed. I had NO idea what day it was; that Tyler had already got up to feed them; NOTHING. Talk about a good night’s sleep.

Sunday was stupid. Ok, maybe not that stupid. We cleaned, ate yummy Sunday brunch foods, napped, Tyler got groceries and made FABULOUS sandwich bread, and I worked out and painted my nails.

photo 1

photo 2

The End.


Sunday: 2 mile run. I’m glad I was able to get in at least those 2 miles before I got a killer stomachache!

Monday: Full Body Circuits + Treadmill intervals

Tuesday: 50 min run (max I could get with 5 min on each end to change during my hour lunch!)

Wednesday: Tina Reale’s 5 min circuits  (all of them) + Spin

Thursday: 5 Ab Tabata’s + treadmill walk; Traditional Hot Yoga. Tabatas included:

  • weighted russian twists
  • plank w/twist
  • leg lifts
  • oblique dips
  • crunches (w/different leg variations)


Saturday: Meh.

PS: Sarina, where are you? You are the winner of the Kinnikinnick giveaway!!! If I don’t hear from you by tomorrow night (1/14), I’ll have to pick another winner!