Workout Wrap Up

Hi internet. I have so many drafts of posts waiting to be finished but I A) don’t have the time to finish them, and B) don’t have the desire to finish them. So basically that tells you that those posts are full of information not even worth sharing.  But workouts are almost always worth sharing as I find it super helpful to read ACTUAL  workouts of others to get inspiration.

Last week’s workouts were just OK. Nothing super impressive. Or maybe they were good workouts, just offset by my overall exhaustion and excessive snacking.

Sunday:100 box jumps; weighted step ups; clean and press; Lat pulldown progressions (8/10/12) w/increased weight; cable pull progressions (same); plate push finisher

photo 1

Monday: Top 10 workout; treadmill sprint interval finisher (I did the same workout WAY back in the day. Original post can be read here). Obviosuly not really using it for comparison, as my workout approach has been drastically different each time I’ve attempted this workout. All I know is it kicks my butt each time.

photo 2

Tuesday: 50 min run (1 min moderate/1 min moderate-fast intervals)


PS: This is a treadmill from my office gym and I am NOT using the display for any type of reference as to how my workout was..other than time. I just so happened to notice that my previous run to this was with slower intervals and longer recovery periods, yet the machine read more calories burned and almost the same distance! *I* know that machines are never accurate, but a lot of novice gym goers don’t know that!!

Wednesday: 3×3 workout (posting this tomorrow- it’s a REALLY good one with tons of options on reps/sets/etc. Stay tuned!)

photo 4

Thursday: Box jump/Single Arm kettlebell clean & jerk Reverse Ladders (10 box jump, 1 clean and jerk per arm, 9 box jumps, 2 clean and jerks per arm…) Hint: if you get fatigued at any point, hop on a row machine or hold a plank for active recovery!; Cable hip adductions/stability ball hip abductions; HIIT on bike

Friday: Lots of walking around downtown (of course it counts!)

Saturday: Cleaning the hell out of our house/running errands like a demon (aka: it was so time consuming, I had no time for a designated workout).

I am an avid 6-day a week worker-outer and it really can be a mental thing if I do any less, but lately I have just had too much of LIFE get in the way, and what’s life if you don’t live it? Tyler and I have been chatting on how best to ‘organize’ our weekends so that we can still get stuff around the house done, maybe some workouts, and some together time a little more efficiently. On a lady note: this is going to be SO MUCH EASIER now that football season is O-V-E-R.

In the comments: Tell me something funny (this will tell me if anyone actually read through this whole post 😉 )