DOC Workout [& giveaway winner!]

Hi friends and happy hump day! Not much new to report from this end- it’s a lot about blasting through the week just to do all the fun things on weekends. So far, this week has consisted of work, workouts, baking, cleaning, tv watching, and sleeping. SO EXCITING.

The work thing has been slightly less fun with Calgary Transit having a butt-ton of issues. PLEASE don’t get me started on that because I will get frustrated enough to declare I’m moving back to the states (and I don’t really want to do that. Cough cough Obamacare cough cough).

The baking this has been a win/fail. The recipes come out healthy and edible, but they ain’t pretty or SUPER outstanding. I’ve found that they’re best when eaten right out of the oven. The day-olds are just a tad sad. Eating them anyway.

Workouts have been pretty great. Monday I did THREE deck of cards workouts that left me sore as a whore (reminder: never use that rhyme again), and Tuesday I managed a really great run. The best part of the DOC workout is that is required ZERO equipment! And it was SUPER effective. Great combo.

1_13 workout

Try it.

Ah, last but not least, I have had to select another winner for the Kinnikinnick giveaway, since the first winner never came forward. Congrats to Athena! (send me your mailing address and phone #- even though I’m sure I have both somewhere at home!!)