So here’s the situation:

I bought two tickets to see Kings of Leon in Calgary on April 1. I bought them back in December when they went on sale thinking they’d sell out quick. Mmmmnope.

And I thought it would be easy peasy to find someone to go with me since Tyler came out of the gate saying he wasn’t going to attend.

Well, not so easy peasy. I’ve posted it on Facebook a few times and no bites. What the heck?! Same thing on twitter. STRANGERS on twitter don’t even respond to my invitation when using hashtags that include #free #concert and #yyc (I.e. Calgary).

I obviously texted all acquaintances as well. Nothing.

I’m not going to NOT go. I bought tickets to see them a few years back in NY and my friend bailed last minute so I flew solo. But that was an outdoor venue and a totally different scene. Plus, I ran I to people I knew since I’d lived in NY. But now I’m in Canada where I know insignificantly smaller portion of the population.

Any advice?? Should I sell the other ticket? Bribe Tyler (won’t work)? Or just go alone and use the extra seat for my coat and beer holder?


9 thoughts on “Help

  1. If it wasn’t a Tuesday, I’d totally be down to go along with you. I saw Kings of Leon a few years back in Hamilton and it was a pretty good show. Keep tweeting it out? Also, once we had an extra flames ticket on the way to a game and managed to sell it for 20bucks to one of the guys out front (even tho it was a crappy ticket) …. as a last possible backup plan.

  2. If I didn’t live in Ottawa, and it didn’t cost a OUTRAGEOUS amount to fly to Calgary I’d be there! Go by yourself, treat yourself to an overpriced beer and enjoy!

  3. Altogether too many people would get much too wrong an idea about both of us if I took you up on your offer. I’m pretty sure I’d be the oldest person in the crowd, and after being the youngest in Coop the other day, I don’t know if I can take the whiplash.

  4. Have you asked a co-worker? Maybe there is someone at work who would like to join you? I know it’d be weird me asking one of my workers but then the ticket may just get used.

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