Chicago Bound Round 2

Hi friends!

Ok, so remember a few weeks back when I predicted how my last trip to Chicago was going to go? If not, you can read about it here. And then you can read about what really went down here.

I thought I’d predict this weekend’s trip to Chicago as well. Last time was with Athena and Ashley, my gym besties from Boston. This trip, I’ll be staying with my college roommate. Aka: we were college boozebags/good times.


Here’s how it’ll go:

Friday, Katie will be picking me up on the Blue Line and immediately, we’ll be:


And then it’ll be one huge blur the entire weekend mostly involving booze, pizza, gossip and laughter. Sorta like a mashup of all of these:


Dance parties.


Weird public antics.


Oh no, that’ll be us in like 30 years.


And then us in 50 years.


What they said.


And totally judging.

And then when the weekend is over and it’s time to go home:


Cant. Wait.

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