Weekend Recap

Well, this is my 3rd Monday in a row that I’ve called in sick from work. My boss must think I party hard on Sundays…even though I no longer have alcohol as an excuse! Two weeks ago, I was super dehydrated, last week I was just extremely exhausted and this week I seem to have a stomach virus! Lovely. At least this time I went to the doctor and got a note to excuse me from work for a few days. Can’t hate that!

This past weekend was pretty low key-

Friday: Left work early for my prenatal appointment- everything checked out great. Although, I do have to say that landing a male doctor for this visit made it feel extremely different. Weird. We grabbed takeout from Brewsters for dinner and watched a few movies.

Saturday: I was up at 7am and got ALL the laundry done before we ventured out to Costco and to purchase yet another beloved wine kit-from The Home Vintner (cabernet sauvignon this time!). Jalepeno burgers on the BBQ and homemade french fries for dinner and a couple more movies. PS: I always fall asleep through the Lord of the Rings movies, but managed to stay up for the entire Desolation of Smaug EXCEPT the last two minutes. So close.

Sunday: I did ZERO things. Zip, zilch, nada. I was progressively feeling yuckier, so I plopped in front of the TV with the dogs while Tyler did a bunch of stuff around the house.

Fingers crossed I get a bit of shut eye today. And I totally just typed ‘shit eye’ and laughed for approx 524592073 minutes.

PS: Cadbury eggs come in little plastic capsules now? I miss the foil. Is that weird?

How was your weekend?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I had not known you could get wine kits from Costco. Where do they hide them? What are their prices like? You didn’t miss much of the movie, other than never getting that zillion hours (in subjective time) back again. Last time I had a physical checkup my doctor was doing something else, and his female professional partner was filling in for him. I think you know I’m old enough for a slippery invasive procedure, so I feel your mixed emotions.

  2. I’ve heard of the mythical wine kits at costco, but never bought one there. (we’ve gotten ours from the home vintner). And yes, the eggs in the plastic! just another example of trading in less packaging for more! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Are the kits good from Costco? We always get them elsewhere – must look into them. And I must make more. I am all out. Gasp. Hope you feel better soon. What?! plastic capsule? I may have to buy one just to see now. How sad. PS. SO glad you booked Whit! SO excited for you.

    • I should have clarified- we got the kit from The Home Vintner! I have seen them at Costco, but I don’t have any idea of their quality or price. Yes! We are so excited she is doing our photos- I even bought a new shirt for it! haha

  4. No more FOIL!!! this must be some sort of ‘special’ one..I just don’t know if I can eat the eggs without the foil…….

    Feel better, I think that damn bug is going around 😦

  5. Your boss is definitely going to think something is up! Hope you feel better.

    We need to make another batch of wine. How much is the Costco kit?;) Kidding…

    I have yet to have watched Lord of the Rings.

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