This Week

I think these guys are ready to have daddy back. Tyler has been gone all week for work and I had already planned on using some vacation days to have this week off, so it’s been….weird.

photo 4-18

Or maybe I’ve got a serious case of cabin fever and have just bugged the crap out of my two companions.

Monday: After dropping Tyler off at the airport in the morning, I came home and did 3 different workouts (a cardio interval workout/upper body strength/deck of cards workout)…with naps and snacks in between each. I think that’s it. Oh, .and I’ve had to walk the dogs all week (good timing that the sidewalks have been snow/ice free so that I can actually take them out. Hindsight now I probably shouldn’t have because my back is in SERIOUS pain. Grr)

photo 2-32

Tuesday: I checked out a couple of stores to see if they had anything I needed (baby related) with no luck. I even checked out the Target liquidation sale and it’s a total joke. Nothing is really marked down and the prices are just stupid. In the afternoon, I had a prenatal massage. AMAZING. And I didn’t want to leave. The evening was topped off with a yummy snack plate, another workout, some household chores, and I forget what else.

photo 3-25

Ever had a grapple? It’s a grape flavored apple. Not bad, but really not worth the extra $$

Wednesday: I drove all the way down to Ikea only to realize as I was walking into the store that I left my wallet at home. So I actually drove back to get it and returned to Ikea (that’s like 2 hours in the car. BOO). I ended up buying some goodies for the baby’s room, then hopped over to Gap and got some cute clothes for him on sale. Nothing for me, because I’m selfless like that. HA. I did a few other errands than came home to attempt to put together all the Ikea crap. Note to self: Ikea is the devil with all this ‘assemble yourself” business. After about 7 hours, I managed to half-ass 2 pieces and complete 3 others. So frustrating! To reward myself, I took a nap in an upright seated position then did a workout at like 10:30 at night. I think it was something that was strength/cardio intervals.

photo 5-13

PS: Tyler took his laptop with him this week so it prevented me from using any of the workout DVDs. Grrr. My Mac doesn’t have a CD thingy, so I’ve had to improvise. I could’ve gone for a run, but who are we kidding. And spinning is pretty much out of the question at this point.

Thursday: Taped and painted half the guest bedroom. I’ll have Tyler do the other half because I really don’t have the patience. Plus, my back hurts. And I’m now sick. Also, had a routine doctor’s appt at the maternity clinic. I am starting to get annoyed with this whole ‘you never know who you’re gonna get” thing (8 rotating doctor’s and it varies who you see at each appt AND who delivers your baby. What the WHAT?!!) because the doctor yesterday essentially came in, asked if I had questions, then left. I feel that at this point, the appointments should start to get a little more in depth. I actually had to call her back two times to ask her some questions. Ran a few more errands, walked the dogs, ate a whole pizza, then practically died on the couch. Cold is in full force. I attempted a deck of cards workout but it was SO painful to get through. Might have to just lay off the workouts for a bit…as hard as it is to say. Sad face.


Friday (today): I have managed to stay in bed all day. I think I’ve earned it. I was practically a SWF, a carpenter, a chef, and dog walker, and a dog groomer (had to wash the dogs about 230597230592735 when they came in the house muddy after every potty break) all week. I’m really for a true day off. Too bad I still have a zillionty things to do!

Do anything cool this week? 

6 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Oh appointments are always literally 5 mins! I think I saw 4-5 different doctors but liked them all and liked seeing different ones. At delivery I hear lots of them barely do much anyways, more the nurses. Mine was very involved and was even in the surgery right beide me too which was nice.
    PS That pizza looks so good!!

    • I like all the ones I’ve seen and I get that it’s mostly nurses that you get involved with in delivery, just thought it was so odd that these appointments are always so quick! I feel like with a new HUMAN, they should be more in depth (with what, I’m not sure. haha!) The pizza is famoso! It has been on my mind since you posted so I NEEDED it.

  2. Cabin fever is the worst! I dread the weather turning cold again and locking us in the house. Even getting out for a short walk makes a HUGE difference! The doctor that was at our birth wasn’t one that I had met before and it was fine. She wasn’t even the one who delivered us (the OB GYN did as we used the vacuum). You don’t end up seeing the doctor a huge amount (you have one nurse who constantly stays with you), so I wouldn’t worry too much. And if the workouts are hurting, it might be time to rest and do less. I know it’s hard to do, but there is so much happening with your body that rest is what it might need 🙂

  3. And that is why I loved my Midwives. Never had an appts shorter than 20 min, very in depth, reviewed every test with you, explained what each test was for, plus there were 4 of them so I knew them all well. I would hate to have 8 doctors! Insane!

    Have you seen a chiro for your back? Relaxin is in full force so something might be out. I see one in Beacon Hill who also saw me my entire pregnancy that I highly recommend if you are interested. My hips and back never felt better!
    My DVD player just broke so I bought a new one at Superstore for $40. Also check YouTube- sometimes they have full workouts on there. I found some Jillian Michaels ones on there.

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