Here’s What I’ve Been Thinking

Hi there!

So here’s what I’ve been thinking.

This blog. It supposed to reflect me, right? And before, ‘me’ was booze and baking and fitness. For the most part. And random things. But now there’s this baby in the picture. I promised myself before I got pregnant that I would NOT turn into one of those crazies who blog all about baby (note: ‘Crazies’ is a word former me would have used. My hormones now tell me that it’s not crazy to gush over your kid. I get it now) Because HOLY SHIT all I want to do is talk about babies. And buy baby things. And dream about future baby-involved adventures. Nevermind the inevitable mishaps.

Actually, I’m not gonna lie, the excitement is all around my own baby. I am not good with other people’s kids. Sorry to all those that I babysat many moons ago.


I want to share all my nursery things.

I want to share all the cute clothes I buy.


OMG I need this hoodie. You can buy it for me here

I want to share what I’m doing with the baby while I’m on mat leave FOR A WHOLE YEAR.


**PS: let’s be real for a second- I am not sharing that shit on Facebook, because there are some people on there that are crazy. I prefer giving my anonymous worldwide internet-folk the pleasure. Or displeasure, whatever your point of view on babies might be.

Is that cool? Don’t worry, I am POSITIVE there will still be plenty of boozy posts.

plug chug

Because life is all about balance, right?!

PPS: I have about 32059723095 tabs open right now and they are all baby sites and I have about a zillionty things in each shopping cart. Things I can’t afford, but it’s way more fun to do than ogle over the lululemon website. Well, just a bit more fun πŸ™‚

God, I’m such a hypocrite.


9 thoughts on “Here’s What I’ve Been Thinking

  1. Ohhhh yeah. I totally relate to this and I’m thankful most of my friends already have kids or are actually pregnant at the same time as me because I turned into the person who cannot shut up about their pregnancy despite realizing how little *most* other people care about my pregnancy. I didn’t blog too much of my pregnancy but i definitely talk about it way too much in real life. It’s embarrasing and I’m glad it’s almost over but at the same time I’m probably going to end up that mom who thinks she’s got some genius-prodigy-super-child. WHO AM I?!

  2. It’s pretty hard NOT to write about your baby and baby things, because seriously, your life becomes ALL BABY. And I think our blogs naturally grow and change as our lives and lifestyles change, so I say, write about whatever you want! πŸ™‚

  3. Don’t worry, it gets even worse once the baby is here πŸ™‚ Because your own kid is obviously the cutest, smartest, brightest, etc πŸ˜‰

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