Weekend Recap

Not gonna lie, I’m like super uncomfortable. To the point of tears. While the time off from work has been great and I’ve been able to attempt relaxing, it’s still a struggle to find even a stretch of 20 minutes (sleep included!) where my back, my legs or my ribcage isn’t in rip-roaring pain.

I’m not complaining though, it’s only temporary pain! And heck, it could be WAY worse.

I have a pretty good support buddy, too.

photo 1-38

Yeah, sure Tyler is here too and he’s been great. But it’s more fun to snuggle with Layla. Especially since she gets up early with me and now follows me around like a shadow.

Ok, so onto the recap. It’s not very exciting.

Friday, I had my doctor’s appt. They did that swab thingy and used an ultrasound to check the baby was head down. He is! Thank goodness. Now my appointments will be weekly until he comes OUT. That night, we had pizza for dins and watched Unbroken and several episodes of Inside Man.

Saturday we had our third childbirth class. This week there were several flashcards involved (hello 3rd grade!) and we discussed breastfeeding. Pretty sure I’m still totally grossed out by it, but it’s cheaper than formula. And God knows we could used the savings.

photo 2-38

After the class, we went across the street to the hospital and checked out the labor and delivery floor just to get a lay of the land. It was so quiet! Which was weird, because the nurse at the check-in desk kept *quietly* running around exclaiming how busy she was! I also had a mini-anxiety attack because I don’t like hospitals. I’ve actually never been admitted to one before, so immmmmmm yeah.

We rounded off the afternoon with a trip to Home Depot. Surprise surprise! We picked up some paint and blinds for our kitchen windows (thank GOD for those blinds). I started to feel like shit, so I parked it on the couch while Tyler got to painting..supervised by Reggie…then made us dinner.

photo 3-31

photo 4-21

We watched Interstellar then another few episodes of Inside Man. The movie was just alright- we agreed it was like Signs meets Contact. Meh.

Sunday, I got up early and made pancakes for myself. I keep forgetting to buy maple syrup, so I had to improvise with cinnamon raisin pancakes topped with a honey yogurt drizzle. Sounds great, tasted great, looks like shit, and now I want to gag just thinking about it. I want to chug maple syrup instead.


I managed to do the laundry and Tyler managed to do just about EVERYTHING else around the house. He’s so good. I should buy him a present.

Nevermind, I’m making him a human.

We had hot dogs for dinner and I managed to NOT buy anything online, even though it was really the only thing I had the energy for. Is it just me, or does anyone else get online-shopping-happy then quit before checkout once you see how much shipping costs? I was going to order a bunch of stuff I needed from Rocky Mountain Soap, but then saw that shipping was $7 so I’ve decided to just task Tyler with the errand of going to their downtown location on his lunch break. Husbands are cheaper than Canada Post.

Ahaha, I just remembered that the woman teaching our childbirth class used a shark hand puppet and a stuffed boob to demonstrate breastfeeding. Just picture it. Maybe you’ll laugh too?

How was your weekend??

11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I online shop for the fun of it all the time, put things in cart and never buy them lol! I often wonder if this causes retailers issues, but do not think it does!
    I hope you feel better soon, and you are right it is all worth it and almost over!
    A shark puppet?!!

  2. Ha! I do that all the time too. That’s why I prefer places that offer free shipping, like Gap and Chapters 🙂

    As for breastfeeding – if you can do it, it’s SO much easier in the long run. I think every time I had to get up in the middle of the night to whip out my boob, all I could think about was how glad I was that I could do that in a barely-awake state, with the lights out and then crawl back into bed. With formula, you gotta get up, go downstairs (or into the kitchen), prepare the water, prepare the formula, then feed the baby, etc. I couldn’t have done it!! And when wee babies wake up in the night, they wake up screaming! My nerves wouldn’t have been able to handle also trying to prepare a bottle during that time. Boob shuts them up immediately haha!! (And yes – formula is so damn expensive!)

  3. I don’t mind paying for shipping if it’s a fraction of the purchase. But I won’t do it if it’s a cheap thing I can get here myself. Even if it costs more in gas and time than the shipping. And it drives me nuts when they try to sell me something else I don’t want to bump up the cost so I get “free shipping”. Grrr.

    The shark hand puppet. Remember that. It will become important later.

  4. Hi! Thanks for the shout out!! We’re sorry about the shipping costs, we really are! Please know that we cover over half the cost of shipping and it’s free when you order over $95! Until then we look forward to seeing your hubby in store! PS- Congrats on the pregnancy 🙂

  5. I was so hoping to be able to breastfeed (for the same reason). My production is way too low, so I pump and supplement with formula. I’ll say this… Breastfeeding is neat. It’s amazing that this little baby knows what to do. But it’s serious dedication, and stressful, so don’t let anyone make you feel guilty if it’s not for you. And pumping? Sucks. My doc suggested I quit soon. Too time consuming and time is better spent cuddling with my baby (something that’s really hard to do with two plastic suction cones strapped to your boobs). 🙂

    So excited for you! It’s so much fun! Yay babies!

  6. Busy weekend! I second Brie’s comment- breast feeding can be hard in the beginning if your baby doesn’t latch well/has a tongue tie/ etc, but it’s easier in terms of the middle of the night or if you are out and about. It’s also amazing when you see your baby grow and thrive all from you. It sounds weird, but it’s amazing!

  7. Lady!! Why didn’t you try the buttermilk syrup recipe I posted two weeks ago on IG?! It’s beyond amazing. Almost maybe even possibly better than maple syrup (and don’t tell maple I said so or Vermont will never let me back in…). And you probably have all the ingredients sitting in your kitchen!

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