Hi there, ho there internet friends! I didn’t mean to be away for almost a week, but life got in the way! It has been quite the week of highs and lows which I thought I’d share (only some because I can’t remember everything. SHEESH)

high: My little man is 3 weeks old today and weighs a hefty 9lbs 4oz

low: My little man is 3 weeks old today and he’s so big. I want to be back in the hospital with his super newness and tinyness

high: My godparents from Las Vegas visited us this weekend! It was a full house and felt a bit hectic, but I’m so glad they got to meet Wes and hang out for a few days.

low: I was in the shower the other day and realized Wes’ birth happened so fast that my mom wasn’t in the delivery room, so I cried.


high: I *think* I’m just about back to my fighting weight. I don’t weigh myself to determine where I am, I prefer to go by how I feel. And I feel pretty great. I have the itch to start working out again, but I know I need to take my time and I’ve been walking every day. No stretch marks and only a bit of a funny belly button right now, but I know that’ll go away after time.

photo 1-53

low: Wes got his you know what snipped today. He didn’t cry at all throughout the procedure, but it absolutely kills me when he whimpers through diaper changes.

high: I had two successful nights with Wes! Granted, it takes a HUGE chunk of time to feed/burp/change/snuggle him each time, but it’s worth it to have a cry-free session (SO RARE)

low: I hate when he cries. Or pouts. It makes me cry. A lot. A lot a lot.

high: I had 2 margaritas on Saturday! Then took a nap. GLORY GLORY.


low: My parents leave in less than a week and I’m still not convinced I can do this whole baby thing without their help. Tyler and I have a loose plan on how we will tackle things once they leave, but I’m still scared.

high: I’m back to walking the puppies again! I try to shoot for about 2 miles a day with them.

photo 2-50

low: I miss sleep. So hard. I haven’t got more than a 4 hour stretch and that’s with my parents here helping out. It probably doesn’t help that I have a monitor RIGHT in front of my face at night and I am 1-800-paranoid that I have to keep an eye on him at.all.times. The other morning, my mom heard Wes had the hiccups and went to check on him. I didn’t even hear it and I had the sound on the monitor! I smell faulty parenting on my part.

high: Watching Tyler be a dad. He’s so good. Heart=melted.


low: I know this newborn phase won’t last forever, but I feel like such a bag lady hanging around the house in my undies and bathrobe all day (newborn= unpredictable schedule). At least I shower every day, but Tyler must be questioning my hygiene.


high: I’ve been eating pretty healthy! Gotta mostly thank my parents for that one- they’ve made mostly every trip to the grocery store over the past few weeks so there has always been fruits/veggies at my disposal. But then again, there has also been more candy, chips, foods that involve mayo….

low: A slight breastfeeding mishap that resulted in super lots of pain (on my part). A few phone calls/appointments later and I have an ointment that is a god send.


And to end this on a high note: RIBS FOR DINNER.

7 thoughts on “High/Low

  1. My bellybutton never returned to normal, the only thing that didn’t for me! You look great and way to go with Wes!
    Oh do not feel bad, I NEVER woke up to A crying, Chad always had to wake me and the monitor was right beside my face too. I am deaf 😉

  2. You are doing it and will do it after your parents leave momma 🙂 I was scared shitless to have my mom leave, but we survived 🙂 and don’t feel bad about not leaving the house a lot. It took me awhile to get out more often and sometimes it’s still easier just to be at home. I didn’t wake up the other night either…it happens 🙂

  3. I love this post! Your lows barely seem like lows by the way you phrase them- it really seems like you’re totally loving this mom thing! You look amazing, btw. And that babe- so small!! I want to snuggle him!

  4. You are doing awesome. My belly button never looked the same, you look awesome. I bet you are getting eager to workout though. You will do awesome when they leave, it’s nice to get into your own routine. When the weather is nice, it will get you out more!

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