Weekend Recap

Hi friends, happy Monday! I wish employers gave everyone the summer off so that Tyler could stay home with us when the weather’s nice. There’s so much to do! Ok, recapping the last few days:

Friday: I took Wes to the mall to get a few more short-sleeve sleepers. I ended up finding a SKIRT (insert gasp here) and flip flops for myself as well. I attempted to take Wes for a walk when we got home, but the sun was pretty hot. I managed to walk a route that was mostly shaded (almost 3 miles?) and made sure he got some of the breeze through the blanket I used to cover him from the sun. He actually slept through the walk, which allowed me to enjoy a beer on the patio while he finished off his nap! And then Tyler and I enjoyed a DELICIOUS steak dinner (made with my new favorite potato salad recipe) and watched Chappie once Wes went to sleep.

photo 2-57

photo 1-60

Saturday: We drove out to Canmore to have lunch at The Grizzly Paw. This was one of our favorite places to go to for a meal and definitely for beer because both are so delicious. BUT, this time was different. Not only did they put us at the most awkwardly-positioned table (for Wes’s carseat to fit) but the food was terrible, and the prices were raised! We were so disappointed that our go-to spot is now off the list. 😦 At least it was a beautiful day out so the trip wasn’t a complete waste.

photo 5-18

photo 4-28

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the house (ummm YES to A/C!). Tyler made dirt dog sauce for dinner and we watched some PVR’d episodes of Jimmy Fallon and SNL. I think the heat and the drive wiped us out because we both went to bed early!

photo 1-61

Sunday: GUYS–> Wes slept for 12 hours. That’s insane. Sure, it makes him stay awake for most of the day, but I’d prefer that over a crap night! I mowed the lawn and worked out before it got too hot out, then Tyler went to football practice (dumb idea- he’s a lobster now!) I was able to escape to the patio for a few minutes for some sun, but only lasted 20 minutes…if that. WOOF it was hot. The dogs wouldn’t even go out there! The rest of the day was spent doing chores and entertaining the wee one. We were in bed by 9:30 and that’s that.

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Pregnancy/Post Pregnancy Fitness Thoughts

I didn’t originally plan on typing up anything on my pregnancy/post pregnancy fitness-y ‘stuff’, but I typed up a quick email about it to a friend and thought it might be a good idea to post just in case anyone else is interested. Here goes (it’s pretty abbreviated. if you want me to elaborate, let me know!! I think I have WAY too many thoughts about my experience, and I don’t know if I could even begin to properly discuss it!)
I worked out 6 days a week for about 60-90 minutes. It was a combination of treadmill work, HIIT, tabatas, strength intervals, spin, hot yoga, you name it- I did it. I was sore and exhausted most days- because that’s how I loved to be! I was still indulging in drinks/sweets- just balancing them much better than I had in the past. I was in the best physical/mental shape of my life before pregnancy.
While I was pregnant:
So my workouts pretty much stayed the same as pre-pregnancy until around week 23-25. For the most part, the intensity and the same exercises were there, but some days I was more fatigued than others and would go for a walk instead.
Here’s the crazy part- I got weighed at all my appointments and even though I knew I was going to gain weight (duh, there’s a baby in there) I still didn’t want to see the numbers. So even on those appointment days, I would drink less water so the number wouldn’t be so high. TERRIBLE.–> don’t judge. (I think it was about 27 lbs I wound up gaining?) I normally don’t care about the numbers, but now that I had to actually see them every few weeks, it was just….bleck.
From 25-30ish weeks, I started to modify all my workouts. Plus, my gym membership ended so all my workouts were done at home. I was doing some WODs, circuits, HIIT, prenatal yoga, Tracy Anderson prenatal workout DVDs and modified T25 (it’s high impact, but there were several ways to modify and still get a great cardiovascular workout). I wasn’t walking the dogs anymore because crazy dogs + snow/ice + pregnant lady= no bueno. I made sure to take long walks on my lunch break at work (about 3ish miles).
30ish-end of pregnancy: this is when I started to get pinched nerves and had a real mobility problem. But I knew I still needed to move to stay healthy (docs said me/baby were both perfect, so it was really where I was mentally). I was still eating as healthy as possible, but not neglecting my sweet tooth! Some days were TERRIBLE. I literally could not get up from the couch, but knew I needed to move in some way, so I would attempt some workouts…mostly just standing up was my workout. Or just going up and down the stairs for laundry would do the trick. Can someone say winded?!! Doctors advised to only do what made me comfortable; PT advised the same after an assessment. PS: I worked out until the day before Wes was born! I probably would have worked out the day of, but he was born at 3:30am
Lucky for me, the birth went great and my body handled it really well. To be honest, it was still EXHAUSTING to even walk around the block pushing the stroller the first two weeks. I even ventured to the mall a few times and was extremely fatigued afterwards (pelvic floor muscles are shot and it feels like your insides might fall out).
I knew I’d have to wait 6 weeks to workout, and in those first weeks I didn’t even THINK about working out because I was EXHAUSTED and trying to figure out this whole baby thing. Breastfeeding probably helped with the post baby weight loss, and my appetite was pretty low. It’s weird because I am one of those people who hate going more than 2 days in a row of no workouts, but for 4 weeks I didn’t even break a sweat! (Is it weird that I wouldn’t mind going back to those days already? Yup, probably)
I really can’t stress enough how much it didn’t even bother me..which I still think is so weird! The doctor cleared me to workout at 4 weeks so I decided to do the entire T25 program from start to finish (currently halfway through it). The first week was TOUGH and I modified it just about as much as I did when I was 39 weeks. After the first week, I noticed improvement in my strength and endurance and was gradually able to transition from modified to full-intensity workouts.
I even dared to step on the scale and was shocked to see the number be less than my pre-preg weight! (I am more than sure that there is some muscle loss that caused this..my butt is pretty flat lately! although my guns? NEVER BETTER. That’s what will happen when you hold a 15lb baby in a precarious position because that’s how he fell asleep and you DARE.NOT.WAKE.HIM.)
So now, I’m still very in tune with my activity level (and conscious of making sure I eat a good balance of fruits/veggies/protein/dairy/carbs—especially since what I eat goes directly to what Wes eats!) but it’s not my main focus anymore. Which I think is a pretty good thing because my more relaxed approach to it has allowed me my SANITY, allowed me to enjoy Wes, and to just enjoy the time I have off to be with him and NOT worry about logging hours of sweating. Plus, I’m still not drinking a lot like I was pre-pregnancy, so I’m not consuming all these crazy calories!
I think my biggest fear was stretch marks (let me rephrase that: more stretch marks. I already had a lot on my hips and inner thighs) and not being able to shed the weight, but even after he was born my stomach flattened out after only a couple days and my hips/thighs and everything in between seemed to be exactly how I *left* them pre-pregnancy! And those days after birth when your tummy is still big is honestly not as big of a deal because not only do you have a baby to look after but it’s still way better than a 40 week belly and the fatigue that comes with it! I still have my mental fat days and they’re a struggle to get over but it’s nothing some fresh air/bowl of veggies/baby snuggles can’t fix!!
So there you have it…some of my briefest thoughts on how I tackled fitness during my pregnancy, and how my approach has changed!

Winesday Wednesday 6/24/15

YES. My favorite day of the week because I get to chat about drinking. Only thing better would be actually drinking. Maybe later.


I enjoyed a glass of red wine on Friday- it was the 2013 limited edition cabernet shiraz Tyler made last year. Honest to God, if I didn’t tell you Tyler made it, you’d think it was at *least* a $25 bottle of store-bought wine. I’m glad there are still about 24 bottles of it left.


..because I never get out of my pj’s..

Oh, and then this happened:

photo 1-59

I know. What the heck, right? I think it’s Bud’s way of getting in on the cider craze because that’s exactly what it tasted like. Personally, I’d prefer an actual cider over this, but it was neat to at least try it! Same goes with an actual margarita over those margarita flavored buds. Does anyone even like those?

Tyler finally bottled our pinot grigio last night. I was able to taste a sip and it’s SO good. MOM: get ready for your visit in August- there are 30 bottles of Pinot Grigio waiting for you! DAD: Don’t worry, we won’t let mom drink all 30.


And by the end of the week, we should have the cabernet sauvignon bottled as well! I might just hog that all to myself.


Speaking of homemade wine, check out Keith’s post here to see what he’s recently bottled! <—YUM

Michael sent me another beer pic (he’s an IPA guy and I am NOT but his descriptions always make me crave whatever he’s writing about!)



He wrote: The beer on the left is On The Wings of Armageddon on nitro tap. It’s their double IPA that I guess came about during that whole crazy period of the predicted end of the world a few years back (Way to go Mayans! We’re still here!) It has the texture of Guinness but the delicious flavor of a hoppy west coast IPA. The sample draft on the right is the maple bourbon barrel aged version of the SAME beer and it. was. INCREDIBLE.

See what I mean? Don’t you want one now? I’d love to try the one on the right FOR SURE.

Our local liquor store hosts various events and I just noticed that on June 26th they’re having a Fruitbier event! The description: An evening devoted to the fermented fruits! We will explore Radlers, Lambics & Fruitbiers and what makes each style a distinct class. You will have the opportunity to team up with friends to create a one of a kind custom made fruit beer to top it off as well! I’d KILL to go, but 1) don’t want to go alone, and 2) we don’t have a babysitter if Tyler and I both go. Because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be cool to bring a baby.

But…he would fit right in, right?

photo 2-56

Little Misfits

Hi friends! How’s your day going so far? Same old, same old over here. I’m covered in dog slob and baby barf, the house is a mess and I’m sure something in the house will break today…if it hasn’t already. Other than that, I’m great! Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Mostly because of my wonderful little guy.

Speaking of little, have you heard of Little Misfits?


They are a great little company that make rad clothes for babies, toddlers, kids….and adults! (But I’ve found that since having a little one of my own, he gets all the cool stuff and mom’s wardrobe gets put on the back burner. Am I right?)

From their website: 

  • What Makes a misfit?–> Fearless and authentic self expression. Got it. But since my babe is still a wee one, he’ll wear what I want him to express!! Never fear, he’ll be allowed to do what he wants once he gets older. 
  • What’s a little misfit?–> A rad kid raised in the misfit culture. I’m not really *out there* but you bet your bippy that Wes will be able to help us brew wine and get us a beer from the fridge before he’s in school! PS: Child services, please don’t take my kid away for having said that. We’ll be good, I promise

The people at Little Misfits were awesome and allowed me to pick out an item from their website for Mr. Wes to model. I LOVE that with all the options, you also have the ability to add little tattoo sleeves! So cool. I probably would have opted for that if Wes was a bit older just so that he could fill them out a bit more. But as soon as I saw the Guess How Much I Love You onesie, I knew I had to choose that one! It’s something I used to say to Tyler when we were dating “love you to the moon…” (I still love him, I just don’t say it anymore. He’s not offended).


I chose the smallest size (0-6mo) and what do you know, my little chubster fills it out nicely as just 2 months!


I think my favorite thing about this design is that it’s a reflective, shiny gold. Makes my kid stand out among all the others in boring puppies (still love them), tractors, and dinosaur outfits. Actually, I think it’s making me bring the saying back. Yep, I think I’ll start saying it to Tyler again. I mean hey, I love him enough to have a kid with him…right? 🙂


See? Still looks cute on a kid with no neck! Disclaimer: He has a neck. It’s just buried. I look for it every few days to make sure it’s still there.



Layla ALWAYS has to be in the photos. I think she was a model in a former life.




Another cool thing about Little Misfits is that they come out with a Misfits For a Cause collection which features a different charity each month and 100% of the proceeds to go that charity! June’s charity is the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation which sends children from low-income families to summer camp.

I REALLY love this onesie and I just hope Wes doesn’t grow too quickly so we can get a few more wears out of it. I already have in mind some places where he needs to be seen in it! Call the paparazzi.

Next order for us will definitely include a shirt or onesie with the tattoo sleeves. Because….RAD.

Thanks Little Misfits for the onesie..Wes loves it! (Does barfing on it count as a token of affection? The good news is, it washes well!)

Weekend Recap

And here we are at Monday…again. Seriously, it’s like you blink and the weekend is over! Not fair. Per usual, I forget what I even did on Friday, so I have to scroll through my photos on my phone to see if they trigger anything.

Friday: yup. no clue. I DO remember there was some crappy weather. And I DO remember drinking wine. Tyler made some yummy pork tenderloin for dinner, baby went down at 9:30 and we watched American Sniper.

photo 3-42

photo 2-54

photo 1-57

Saturday: I went to my first post-baby spin class! I was SO excited to test out my new spin shoes too. The last time I went to spin was on Christmas Eve and I noticed the studio had made some changes since. Most of them were decorative changes, but I also found out mid-class that they added a strobe light/disco ball. Umm….MY EYESSSSSS

my eyes

I mean, it was super cool but holy hell I really needed to focus so I wouldn’t fall off my bike. And you know the music is loud when they offer free earplugs to all participants. Does it make me old that I’m complaining about these things? Yeah, probably. But I did love the music!!!!!

After class, I came home and Tyler said Wes slept until about 10. Hallelujah! I showered, we ate, and then we were off to run a few errands! Well, I’m an idiot and the combination of extreme sweating from spin + breastfeeding + coffee = extreme dehydration and I just about died as we left Costco. It took about 4-5 hours for me to get back to a somewhat normal state.

photo 2-55

photo 1-58

For dinner we had chicken fajitas then watched a movie (again, Wes went down around 9:30!). I ended up falling asleep during the movie, so I went to bed while Tyler stayed up a bit longer.

Sunday: I was up with Wes at 8:30 and managed to just relax in front of the TV with him while we let Tyler sleep in (10:45..lucky guy!!). Tyler made eggs benedict and then he opened his presents! He wound up cleaning the kitchen afterwards AND making dinner which I felt terrible about considering it was Father’s Day, but he said I had the tougher job of managing the baby so he was happy to do all the kitchen work. Ha!

photo 3-43

omg are they cute or what?!

I started week 1 of T25 Beta round as well. It’s now been a year that I’ve used these DVDs and I think I can officially say I’m sick of them. I need to put them away for a while at least. AND AS OF 2 SECONDS AGO- I just bought the 21 day fix EXTREME challenge pack- which includes Shakeology. I have never tried the Shakeology before, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a go. Plus, Tyler reminded me that buying this is way cheaper than a gym membership. Yes yes yes.

Anyhoo, my hip flexors are a bit sore from spinning on Saturday and GOD DAMN my boobs cannot handle the jumping from T25..but I will power through! Plus, the forecast looks great for this week so I’ll be able to log quite a few walks with Wes and the dogs!