Weekend Recap


I love low key days. They make our routine a lot less stressful. The morning started off with some protein pancakes and Olivia Pope (yay for catching up on all my recorded shows!) followed by an ab workout and a walk to the nearby shopping center to just browse. PS: So proud of myself for not buying anything. I’m getting so good at that.

photo 1-115

photo 2-111

photo 3-81

I’m really loving our Bob stroller- it’s so much more sturdy and makes for a smoother ride over some bumpy patches. At least, that’s what I’m guessing because Wes seems to nap so much better on our morning walks in this stroller! Only downside is that the parent console is a bit smaller on this one, so I can’t fit my Sodastream bottle in the cupholder. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

We hung out with the pups when we got back instead of heading to the mall and potentially buying stupid things. I really need to save more money. Except, I’ll probably head to the store this afternoon and pick up some more Ben an Jerry’s since they’re 2/$10. Priorities.

photo 4-54

Lunch was my impromptu take on this Chipotle Apple Sweet Potato Salad. Mine included a roasted apple, sweet potato, some leftover broccoli, walnuts and muenster cheese. The chipotle dressing was ON POINT and was a great contrast with the sweet potato and apple. TRY IT!

photo 5-32

It was such a nice day out, that I decided to take Wes on another walk. I had to circle the block a few extra times since he was still sleeping, but it was then cut short when some douchehole neighbor decided to slam his trashcan around just as we were walking by. Insert wide awake and potentially grumpy/stunned looking baby here.

photo 1-116

We rounded out the night eating leftovers and catching up on Amazing Race.


After breakfast and my workout, Wes and I bundled up for our morning walk. It was so nice out! He ended up sleeping for the entire hour, and I got some good ‘thinking’ time. That, and I got in my 10k steps by 10am.

photo 2-112

photo 3-82

Wes and I headed to the Y for our weekly pool class while Tyler set up the smoker for RIBS.

Afterwards, I made a batch of Cookies and Cream Cake Mix Cookie Bars. I need to stop baking. There are way too many sweets on my kitchen counter. Not the worst problem to have, but still. Does anyone want to come over and help finish these off? Bring wine or beer and I’ll unlock the front door.

photo 5-34

We had friends over for dinner and attempted to watch Pixels in 3D before calling it quits and heading to bed. Make sure you try smoked ribs if you’ve never had them. The flavor is out of this world. I’m still burping smoke.

photo 5-33

photo 1-117

photo 2-113


Just like how I have pancakes every Friday, I like to have my BAE on Sunday. SO TASTY.


photo 3-83

And I indulged in a cuppa joe. Also: SO TASTY. I’m trying to stay off the coff, but I think a splurge every couple of weeks or so is worth it. I’m guessing my coffee consumption will drastically increase once I go back to work. Sigh.

photo 4-56

I took the pups out for a walk during Wes’s afternoon nap and it is HOT out. HELLLLLLLLOOOOOO this is Canada…since when is it warm in October?!!  No complaints. This California native cannot stand anything below 70 deg-rahs (degrees*).

SAD NEWS—-> Tyler sold our mamaroo and I am bawling my eyes out because I cannot part with any baby things. Tyler said it’s better to get rid of the electronic things while they’ll still sell and we can always buy another one for our next kiddo. (Phew, so he acknowledges that we are gonna have another. I’ve decided I love babies. Especially my own.)

Anyways…because it was so nice out, we decided to go for another walk. All of us! I don’t think that’s ever happened? ALERT: Tyler was away from the TV on a football Sunday. WINNINGphoto 1-118

 We had leftovers for dinner and I think I’m about to die of fullness. Uneventful evening other than a hungry, grunty baby and a lot of laundry. Exciting!

How was your weekend?

17 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Our weekend was low-key, as well! With a seven week old baby, we don’t do much, and I’m okay with it!

    Okay, this is random, but I remember reading that you put Wes in his crib from the start. We did the same with Amelia, but I am so paranoid and checking on her every few hours because now she has learned how to roll onto her side, and that’s how she likes to sleep. Did Wes ever do that?

    • I was paranoid too and had my face in front of the monitor in our bedroom ALL THE TIME. He would roll to his side a lot! Eventually, I just had to tell myself that if he can roll to the side, surely he would move his head if ever his mouth got covered by his blankie or something. It wasn’t until we went to NY and I didn’t have a monitor that I got used to not staring at him multiple times each night. I think it’s just new mom nerves (I still have them for like everything else, haha)

  2. Your abs…wow! I need to hire you as my trainer!

    I LOVE my BOB! I’m sad that I’ll probably have to sell it soon since a) London doesn’t think winter walks/runs are run anymore b) I don’t know if/when I’ll have another baby.

    • Kijiji here is so great for that. I tried buying some used stuff for Wes online while I was in NY but people there don’t frequent online buy/selling as much so it was a dead end. In fact, I think I still have some items listed on craigslist that I’m trying to sell (they’re all just sitting in my parents garage haha)

  3. Wow, I’m super impressed with how dedicated you are to walking everyday. You make me feel sooooo lazy lol. Those ribs look delicious!! I’ve never tried smoked ones, but my husband makes killer ribs in the oven by steaming them. I also will eat any and all your baked goods. haha.

  4. How do you keep your abs with all that baking? I think I just gained weight looking at the pictures of all the food you at/made!! I need to do some other workouts because running isn’t giving me abs. I also need to sew my mouth shut and stop eating garbage!

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