Winesday Wednesday 10/21/15

Ok the weeks are flying by because it was definitely JUST Wednesday. But here we are again and I have hardly anything to share with you because A) I haven’t been in the mood to drink lately; B) I am trying to save money by not buying booze (insert shocked face here); and C) I would rather feel as good as I can in the early morning hours.


With that, Tyler bought 3 more pumpkin beers for us to try last Friday. We only got to try one and it was terrible- Sam Adams Fat Jack


It was a strong, heavy beer (8.5% ABV) and had a terrible taste. Even Tyler had to throw his away!

Sadly, the other two we weren’t able to try because we accidentally left them in the freezer overnight. WOMP

After that, I decided to switch to wine. I had two small glasses and woke up feeling like C-R-A-P the next day.

the end.


Michael sent me a pic of his latest beer! (Remember: send me photos of your stuff if you want them included in my WW posts)


It’s Bell’s Brewery 30th Anniversary imperial stout. You can read about it here. Ummm…11% ABV?! I’m out. WOOF

What are you drinking this week?

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