…From the Week


Woof did it feel like a busy day! After breakfast, I threw Wes in the jumperoo and attempted my workout. I’m an idiot and tried to do a high intensity workout after a big meal and felt like barfing the entire time. Wes fell asleep with 10 minutes left so I was able to quickly switch him to his crib and finish up few a few minutes to spare.


Then it was time to run errands! We went to Wal-Mart, West Coast Kids and Bed Bath & Beyond. SO EXCITING, I KNOW.

After lunch, Wes napped again (he has been on a 3-a-day nap kick lately and I totally love it) then I put him in the Ergo and walked Layla to the vet. It’s not dinner table appropriate, but the appointment was to express her *ahem* anal glands. Lovely.


When we got back, I spent a bunch of time picking out photos to get printed, then put Wes down again and made dinner. I haven’t had baked ziti since the days of sports team dinners and it was good!

photo 3-84

photo 2-115

photo 1-119

I took the pups for a long evening walk, bathed Wes and painted my nails. Monday: ENDED.


UGH. Someone decided to get up at 5am. And then only went back to sleep if it was on my lap. I’m not complaining, but please send eye cream!

I got in my workout (HATE doing super intense workouts in the morning. barf) and Wes had a nap before we headed over to check out a potential day home and make a Costco run.

Only took 6 months for me to finally put this frame together..

photo 2-116

I think Wes got out of the wrong side of the crib this morning because the boy did NOT want to go down for his afternoon nap….until 30 minutes later I put him on my lap and he was out like a light. I keep reminding myself to cherish these moments because he’ll be too big before I know it!

We went for a walk in the late afternoon to kill some time. Wes shook his wind chime the entire trip- much to the entertainment of all the high school kids walking home. I should have worn shorts and a t-shirt because it was HOT, and considering how hilly my route was, I was a sweaty mess.

photo 1-120

DAD WIN: Successfully changing the batteries in the jumperoo while baby is actively jumping in said ‘roo.

photo 2-117

We had chicken quesadillas for dinner, I walked the pups and Wes was in bed by 7:30. By 7:31, I was in the tub with EXTRA HOT water to relax. It lasted about 20 minutes since the water was so dang hot I was sweating my butt off.

photo 1-121


I ended up getting 9 hours of sleep! Hooray! I started the morning off with Shakeology- I’m trying to limit myself to one shake a week because the stuff is so DANG expensive and the only closest alternative I’ve found is Vega and the taste is just not the same..even though it is good. I make mine with oats, pb, almond milk and ice. NOMS

photo 1-122

After my workout, we headed to the children’s consignment store where I scored a great winter coat (from baby gap) and sunglasses. We then headed to the mall for a high chair toy and then some groceries. Wes LOVED his new toy. Wes did NOT LOVE pureed chicken. I don’t blame him- shit’s gross.

photo 3-85

We played around for a bit afterwards. You guys, I think my milk intolerance is back. I had some Ben & Jerry’s and it did not agree with me in the slightest. Huge sad face. Guess I should make more cookies then.

photo 4-57

I noticed Sportchek was having a big sale and there was a jacket I was sort of eyeing, so we walked over to check it out. As luck would have it, it fit AND it was 50% off AND I had an additional $30 off, so basically they should have paid me to take it off their hands.

photo 5-35

We took a long walk afterwards before heading back home for some yummy turkey BLTs for dinner. I took the dogs for about a 1 1/2 mile jog (I hate that it’s getting dark out earlier!), bathed Wes and get him in bed. I passed out watching a PBS documentary on a nazi prisoner camp. How mood lifting, huh?

photo 1-123


12 hours of sleep from the baby! Yay! Oh, and he’s found his thumb- sucked on it to put himself to sleep twice throughout the night! Before he was up, I had breakfast and fed the doggies. Seems that Reggie was feeling extra cuddly and wouldn’t leave my side. (PS: He’s usually an asshole).

 photo 2-119

I was able to let my food settle a bit longer before my workout, so YAY another win for the day. Anyhoo- I am really trying to take advantage of this great weather and be outdoors with Wes as much as possible. Rather than taking the car, I opted to walk to the nearby shopping center to run our errands. I needed some groceries, Quest bars, and umm…ice cream. About what I said before with that whole dairy intolerance…screw it. I love B&J too much.

photo 1-124

It was a quiet afternoon other than that. We ate, played, read books, napped. Scratch that- WES napped. I can’t nap during the day otherwise my sleep at night is screwed. At least for now.

photo 2-120

photo 3-86

I think he’s about 4 seconds away from sitting up on his own for more than, well..4 seconds.

The puppies got a nice long walk after our dinner of turkey and spaghetti squash. Then I took another bath because I WANTED TO.


So that’s our week. Pretty boring to read, but I enjoyed every second of it because I absolutely love being able to stay home with Wes. Also, being able to stay in pj’s 99% of the time.

Make any good dinners this week? 

12 thoughts on “…From the Week

  1. Your posts make me hungry and well these days I could eat all day long lol. Okay so I use Vega and always have but tempted to try Shakeology, thoughts? Is it worth they money?

    • It’s cooked penne, browned ground beef with garlic, marinara and cubed mozzarella all mixed together then topped with more shredded mozz baked at 350 for 30 min. So easy and delish- I would’ve added the veggies in, but I wanted to use some of the leftover veggies for our quesadillas the next night

  2. The handprint/footprint photo frame is so cute!
    I miss my daughter sleeping in my arms… I know it’s best for her to be able to go and stay asleep on her own, but I do miss gazing adoringly at her sweet sleepy face.
    I would love a turkey BLT, Can’t wait until I can eat deli meat again!

  3. Again with your food. I’m moving it. I love that coat you got and consignment store are awesome. I got D a pair of boot for $3.50 that are exactly the same she had last winter that I paid $27 for. And 6 pairs of leggings for $20. Boom. I LOVE the handprint frame!! Adorable.

  4. Are those pumpkin Quest bars any good? I have a full box of other flavours so can’t decide if it’s worth the trip to grab them if they’re horrible LOL!

    PS How was the dayhome? It’s sooo tough to feel comfortable with the place you’ll be leaving your little guy but you’ll get a good feeling when it’s the right one. I did NOT want to go back to work (and I love my job) but thankfully the daycare he is in made (and continue to makes) it easier on both of us!

    • I think they’re pretty good, a nice change up from my choc chip cookie dough ones, but I wouldn’t buy a whole box. The daytime was eh- I could hardly understand the woman, so I don’t know how/if that would affect Wes’s verbal and listening skills

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