Weekend Recap


The day started of with a major party foul: I changed up my pancake recipe. Gasp, I know. I didn’t have enough greek yogurt, so I played around the with ingredient list and BAM- yucky pancakes happened. I still ate all of them though because: BREAKFAST IS MY FAVORITE.

photo 1-125

(These were a mix of oats, greek yogurt, applesauce, egg whites and vega)

We had a later morning than usual, so I decided to throw any potential outings out the window (plus, there was frost outside, EWWWWWW). There were naps, snacks, a workout, jumperooing, book reading…the usual. And Wes is trying so hard to sit on his own. PS: If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see a hilarious slow-mo video of his sitting venture.

photo 2-121

It warmed up a bit in the afternoon, so I took Wes for a nice long walk around the neighborhood. It’s so nice to walk around when it’s sunny and quite and potentially peep into everyone’s windows. I meannnn…check out their Halloween decorations. Which reminds me, we need to buy pumpkins and candy. We’re the house that gives out full sized candy bars!! nomnomnom

I was craving grilled cheese and soup for dinner, so I had Tyler pick up a couple of the needed ingredients and we DEVOURED it all in about .4 seconds. Tip: add bacon to your grilled cheese.

photo 3-87

After Wes went to bed, we finished Pixels and started to watch Minions, but I fell asleep. You know you’re old when you BOTH go to bed before 10pm on a Friday night.


We finally took some family pictures! I was excited to get the three of us outside and take some photos with my fancy camera, but didn’t realized until we reached the park did I leave my memory card IN my computer. UGH. Thank goodness Tyler’s phone came to the rescue!















Most of the photos caught some of the picnic table, but I’ll be cropping those out when I get some prints done to frame.

After our impromptu photo shoot, we headed to the Y for Wes’s pool class and Tyler was the designated parent this week!

Then of course it was off to Costco. Enough said there.

Wes and I hung out in our comfies upstairs while Tyler was working on the insulation in the basement. We are getting better at tummy time! Layla included.

photo 1-126

photo 2-122

photo 3-88

I tried to put him down for a nap, but he wasn’t too keen on it, so I bundled him up for a walk where he ended up getting around a half hour of shut eye.

photo 4-58

Tyler made us an amazing steak dinner- I could eat this for every meal. And chocolate cake.

photo 5-36

After Wes went to bed, we finished Minions then went to bed ourselves. Downside of parenthood: feeling like old people and getting to bed not long after baby. Upside of parenthood: I go to bed early and wake up sans hangover!


Slept in until 7:23am! That’s like….unheard of.

I fed Wes and quickly scarfed a Quest bar before getting in a 21 day fix workout. While he took his morning nap, I was able to shower, do the laundry, clean up the kitchen and bake another batch of Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.

Tyler also made us a DELICIOUS brunch of bacon, sausage, eggs and hash browns. Oh, and a bit of Baileys in our coffee. NOMS.

photo 1-127

I inhaled that whole plate.

Since winter is pretty much here, I needed to swap out a ton of clothes in my closet. I got rid of a LOT. It feels really good to purge some stuff that haven’t seen the light of day in ages. Plus, I found my Michael Kors bag that I so desperately wanted last year and have used about 2 times. So I’ve decided to sell it. Anyone want to buy it? Pretty please??


Seriously, I don’t think I’ll use it at all and I could really use the extra $$. Please email me if interested!

Tyler made us some delicious burritos for dinner and I ate way too much and still feel sick to my stomach.


Throughout the afternoon and evening Wes was OUT OF SORTS. He was so grumpy Tyler and I couldn’t figure out what to do for him! So we tried everything. There were some temporary solutions, but WOOF it made for quite the challenging day. He finally went to sleep at 8pm. I am really hoping this was just a one day thing because I have no idea how to tackle the day if it’s anything near the same and Tyler is at work.

At least he’s cute.

photo 2-123

How was your weekend?

20 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Cute photos! Hope he isn’t such a grump today for you. It makes for loooong days and counting down until bedtime haha. Teething maybe? That’s usually what I say is wrong with Quinn even though she’s showing no signs of teeth hahah.

  2. Cute family pictures, and I especially like the ones of you, Wes and Layla on the blanket for tummy time. Busy weekend for sure, ours was spent in pre-halloween mode… followed by a hangover… I’m getting too old for that tho it seems.

  3. I would consider buying that purse too, but I also think I couldn’t afford it!

    Do you have the wonder weeks app on your phone? I found it super helpful or at least reassuring for all the behaviour changes we went through. It even maps out the good moods and the stormy moods on a calendar which I found really interesting and spot on. Otherwise, I just blame bad days on teething 😉

  4. Cute pictures!! We have our family photos next Thursday and I’m currently stressing way too much about outfits. Our photographer gave us some guidelines for “best” photos and I’m shopping like a mad woman to find something that will work. I loveeee that purse but sadly am stuck to a diaper bag for the time being!

  5. Cute photos! I did that with my phone and self-timer last weekend and was pretty happy with the results! London is less grumpy at having to post for a 30 minute shoot and I can bribe him without anyone else judging me 😉

    Are those lulus in the top photo? I have been wanting a pair in that colour for ages but they always sell out so fast!

    Also, is Wes getting a tooth? That may be the cause of some of the grumpiness? At least, that’s what I used to always blame it on.

  6. Your pictures turned out well even if you did forget the memory card 🙂 A walk or Tylenol usually fixes Amelia if she is out of sorts and grumpy. Those days are tough!

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