Favorites From the Weekend

Hi there, everyone! How was your weekend? Ours was good, but man oh man did it ever fly by! I need one more day with Tyler home with us, please. Family time > any other time. Rather than recapping the weekend, I wanted to pick out some of my favorite things. Ready, set, go…

I bought these shoes. Not counting sneakers, I think this is the first pair I’ve bought in about 2 years! I’ve avoided heels for a while, but I was finally really to bite the bullet and get some cute booties. Now we’ll see how many times I actually wear them considering my mom uniform is PAJAMAS!


Wes’s new toque! I won an Instagram giveaway for Lil Fox Shoppe and opted for the marble double pom. We picked it up this week (she’s local to us in Calgary) and it fits him perfectly! I still can’t believe Janelle got this made for us..she just had a baby! Hard workin’ mama. Check out her shop- she makes gorgeous knit blankets, hats, and scarves. Now I want one for myself!


National. This is one of my favorite places in Calgary for craft beer. We went to both the 10th and 17th locations on Saturday to celebrate Susie’s birthday and it did not disappoint. The beers we sampled were really delicious and the atmosphere was great. More on them later this week!


Tyler painted our bedroom! I am SO happy to finally be rid of the nasty brown color that was in there from the previous owners. We went with Behr Marquee’s Distant Star and now the room looks bigger and brighter. I’m still working on getting the room decorated, so no good photos yet. The newness of the room makes it feel like we’re sleeping in a hotel room…now to update the ensuite…


Wes! I stayed overnight at Susie’s on Saturday and I missed my little man something fierce. I woke up at 5:30 and wanted to drive back home, but decided to wait until it was light out since it snowed a bit and I wanted better weather conditions. I couldn’t get in enough snuggles on Sunday.


How was your weekend? Any favorites to share?