Random Things Thursday

Hey there, everyone! How are you doing? I’m having a hard time keeping track of what day it is since the holidays always throw me for a loop plus Tyler is home all this week. But I’m glad it’s only Thursday (just had to check the calendar again to make sure) and Wes and I have a few more daysof him home with us.

So, some random stuff to share with you today- hope that’s ok. (They’re actually my favorite kind of posts because I don’t have to sound cohesive at all. Phew!)

I loaded my 2015 Best Nine montage on Instagram. Turns out pregnancy and baby photos are pretty popular. Glad the post-delivery donut made it in there too 😉


Costco now carries a jumbo pack of Honest Co. body wash + shampoo. I’ve already used it on Wes and I can’t believe how soft it makes his skin and hair! I’m jealous and want to use it too. It’s a sweet orange vanilla scent which you can smell straight out of the bottle, but becomes very light and natural smelling once used. So nice since I don’t really want Wes to smell like an orange?


I FINALLY used the Essie Sleek Stick appliqués that I received for Christmas a few years back. They were super easy to apply, but they don’t last too long- I felt like I had to avoid doing certain things so they wouldn’t peel off. But they’re really cute. (I don’t think they make them anymore?)


We headed to the mall yesterday and I scored a couple of Nike running shorts for $10 each! I bought three pairs of these YEARS ago and absolutely love them- but never bought more since I couldn’t justify the regular price tag (hahah I gag writing this because I’ve managed to buy $$$$$$$$ in Lululemon since, but that habit has been kicked. Thank God.) The best part? They don’t ride up when I do cardio- something I have never experienced before. LOVE. And you’re welcome for the grainy crotch shot with the Terminator/Alien poster background.


Of course, I have to throw in some pictures of Wes for good measure. I snapped a pic of him yesterday while he was eating because I think it might be the last gummy smile pic I get before his bottom teeth pop through. Is it bad that I am massively depressed about him getting teeth? I want him to stay a baby forever.

Oh right! I chose a winner of the ookpix giveaway (where WERE you guys? I expected way more entries…next time people…next time!) and the winner was KORI! You need to send me a pic of the canvas once you get it!

And then there’s some recent eats. Nothing fancy because we’ve been pretty lazy.

Before I go, I have to ask for some feedback- MAKEUP REMOVER. What kind do you use?! I’ve always used the bottle of Maybelline remover with a Q-tip, but just tried some Neutrogena wipes and really like how wipes work- but I cut them into 4’s so I can stretch out the package. Anyone have any recommendations on what I should try? Preferably something natural? I’m all ears!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Christmas Weekender

Hi friends! Long time, no talk. I totally lost track of time with the holidays and here we are- back on a Monday with a little catch up from the past few days.

BUT FIRST….Just a reminder to enter my giveaway for a FREE 20×30 custom canvas photo print! It ends Tuesday, so you NEED to enter- it’s super easy, so why not?!!


Ahhhh Christmas. So many presents! Wes is one spoiled little boy. And I was so excited to share some traditions with him for his first holiday season.





One of the MANY gifts my mom sent for Wes was a cloth book and the kid was OBSESSED with it for a good 3 days. More for the putting it in the mouth than the reading it, but I’ll still call that a success.


He also got a stuffed animal (and college $$) from my godparents that he gnawed on for an entire afternoon. The bunny…not the $$. 😉


I managed to pick up some art supplies as Michael’s amongst all the Christmas shopping craziness and did 3 sets of green footprints to commemorate Xmas 2015.


Tyler came home early from work on Xmas Eve and surprised me with some hard root beer. YAY! It was really good. PS: We had a super ‘festive’ Christmas Eve by having tacos for dinner and watching Sicario after Wes went to bed. Feliz Navidad?!


…but starting the tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas before bed!


Christmas was nice and quiet for us…we didn’t finish opening presents until 11:30am! Some photos to do the talking:











Xmas jammies!





Santa brought Wes a wagon full of goodies and he dove right into them as soon as we got up in the morning. Surprisingly, he loves that wooden toys the best! And my mom got him the elf jammies 🙂

And then there were the other billionty gifts- clothes, toys, clothes, toys….SO MANY CLOTHES AND SO MANY TOYS.

Redirecting the attention to me: Tyler spoiled me rotten AGAIN this year. Not only did he get me everything (minus the subscription service) on my wish list, but he got me MORE- a waffle maker, mandolin slicer, bath bombs, bio oil, lulu gift card…..it seems like there’s so much!

My favorite favorite favorite gift was his take on my request for a personalized gift from Wes– a Tiffany’s cuff bracelet with Wes’s initials engraved! So precious.


We had a delicious steak dinner and called it a night! I had a wonderful first Christmas as a family of three (or….five. The dogs were spoiled beyond belief with treats treats treeeeeats). I am psycho and did a workout in the basement after Wes went to sleep while we also watched a few episodes of Longmire. Psycho in the sense that I just wanted to move a bit since it was too cold to walk the dogs!


Saturday: It was another slow morning- Elmo had it a bit rough.

We meandered over to Home Depot and scored some Christmas decorations on clearance and some other odds and ends around the house. Wes officially prefers to be carried in the Ergo over the stroller which makes for an interesting way of attempting to drink coffee 😉

I took the dogs for a long afternoon walk then we Skyped Tyler’s family so Wes could meet his cousin!



We had chicken parm for dinner and Tyler got me yet another beer to enjoy (which I did).

After Wes went to sleep, we watched The Walk and headed to bed.

Sunday: Only one photo from the day, but I think it’s a pretty decent one:


I put my new waffle maker to use and made a batch of buttermilk waffles and they were. THE.BEST.

Tyler was a doll and pretty much gave me a day for myself because I was able to head over to the mall (BIG MISTAKE…the crowds!!!! Arghhhhh). I returned some stuff and used a gift card for a few pairs of the best leggings EVER from Old Navy (pics soon, I am currently typing this in my jammies in the basement and watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. My new favoritest show.)

I rounded out the afternoon with a workout, walked the dogs, and sushi for dinner.

Man. What a week. And what’s even better- Tyler’s off from work this week!

How was your Christmas? Best gift? Any good eats? Family traditions?


Hey friends! Happy Christmas week! I am so so so so so so excited for this week because I just love the holiday season and can’t wait to experience it with Wes for his first time. Anyhoo…our weekend was actually a bit low key, but it was JUST right for the three of us (whoops…five of us if you count the pups!) Here’s what we were up to…


I was really hoping Wes would stick to the loose schedule he’s been on lately, and the kid didn’t disappoint! After he woke up from his morning nap and ate, we hopped in the car and headed up to Airdrie so I could buy one of his Xmas gifts. It was pretty snowy out and I skidded on an offramp which was SCARY. I took a different way home and was glad to be off the roads after that.

During Wes’s afternoon nap, I relaxed in the tub with a slice of Cheesecake. Umm..can’t hate that!


Tyler made some delicious black bean chili for dinner and we watched Mad Max in 3D downstairs before heading to bed.


I made an appointment for the dogs to get their nails clipped at our vet because they were having a fundraiser. Tyler ended up walking them over while Wes and I did some serious playing.

Later, it was Wes’s last session in the pool. It was Tyler’s turn to be in the water with him an I was kinda jealous- they did some fun stuff! I’ve decided not to enroll in the next session because weekday classes are around his nap time and I want to have Saturdays free so we can have options for other activities.


Tyler made a big Costco run while I stayed home for Wes’s afternoon nap. I may or may not have taken another bath while he was sleeping. 😉

Apparently I had Tyler do a lot on Saturday because he also made us pizza for dinner! (Ok, I guess he is useful! haha)


Before Wes went to bed, we pushed him back and forth on his car and he LOVED it. If you haven’t already seen it, check out my Instagram feed for some of my Wes on Wheels videos!

We watched Christmas Vacation and called it a night!



The little one slept 13.5 hours! Good kid. I did some odd and ends around the house before he finally woke up. I guess I could have gone back to bed, but I’ve been averaging some seriously good hours of sleep this week so I didn’t feel the need.

Tyler made us some breakfast and we hung out a bit while football was on…….all day.

During one of Wes’s naps, I headed over to Shoppers. Can you believe it has been over a year since I last bought makeup? I hardly wear the stuff. I wound up purchasing some mascara, foundation, an eyeshadow kit and a brow kit. Holy cow is makeup expensive!

Once home, I whipped up a batch of peanut butter blossoms. They are gooooooood. (PS: Hershey’s chocolates in Canada are WAY better than the US)


We had pork tenderloin for dinner and umm…..I may have taken another bath while Tyler fed and put Wes to bed. hehe


How was your weekend??

Friday Facts

Happy Friday everyone! Man..only one week until Christmas! I am way too excited to have our first Christmas with Wes. And have cinnamon buns for breakfast. And presents. Here’s some stuff from the week…

  1. Tyler made an Irish Cream Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake and it is SO GOOD. I’m not a cheesecake person, but I have been anxiously waiting for Wes’s afternoon nap each day this week so that I can sit in quiet and enjoy a piece.

2. I won a giveaway on Instagram which consisted of a pack of mulling spices. They were dropped off at my house today, and I can’t wait to put them to use! (I tried to track it back on Instagram and it seems the photo was taken down? Womp.)

3. I met up with Susie on Tuesday night for dinner at Wurst. It was VERY important that we got the giant pretzel, but also had salads to round out the meal. Since we got the check by 7:30, we decided to head over to Proof to have fancy cocktails. They were ok, but not really worth the $14 price tag. I was home and in bed by 10pm. WINNING. I wore my new blanket scarf that had just came in the mail that day. (Ps: I ordered it from a credit I had on Zulily).




4. Of course I have to include some pictures of Wes in here. He had his first bath in the big tub this week and started using the spoon to feed himself! (most gets flung, but at least it’s progress!) Oh, and I posted his 8 month update this week too.




I must’ve stared at this bath photo for a good 15 minutes before dozing off last night 😉

5. We have SO many presents under our tree right now. And it’s not even everything. Plus Santa still has to come. I have a feeling a certain little boy is going to get spoiled this Christmas…


6. Don’t forget to check out MintedLane! The coupon code is only good until Sunday and you won’t want to miss out!!


7. Best meal we had this week- Cashew Chicken Quinoa Bake.

8. I’ve successfully gone all week without the TV on during the day. To be honest, I could have gone without it in the evenings as well, but Tyler turns it on for us to watch a couple of game shows before bed. Only thing I’ve watched has been some random Christmas stuff on Netflix at night, one of which was A Moody Christmas (I think it’s only on Canadian Netflix and not the American one..sorry!) Super funny.


That’s all from this end! We have lots to look forward to for the weekend, so I’ll be back on Monday to hopefully share some fun stuff!