Man oh man, that weekend went by fast. There was about 20597235 things I’d love to have done, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Plus, we kinda have to accommodate the little guy…you know naps, meals, snacks, the whole shebang. So, to back track:

Friday: Wes and I had a pretty low key morning which was started off with pancakes. Duh. Then car rides and waiting for the mail man to show up. PS: he loves to grab the dish towels off the oven when he drives by and holds on to them while he’s still in his car.



Once we had lunch and got dressed for the day, it was time to head to Walmart to grab a few things. He’s such a ladies man when he’s in the shopping cart. Even if most of the ladies that swoon over him are 65+ because we shop in the middle of the day amongst all the retirees.


The weather has been crazy warm lately and I’m loving not having to put the poor kid in a ton of warm layers. I don’t have Wes wear his coat while he’s in his carseat (for safety reasons) so it’s a bit of a blessing to just be able to put him in the cart and go!

We played around for a bit before Tyler came home and I made turkey burritos (bowl for me) for dinner. Wes is so close to crawling, so he’s either flopping all over the floor or a bouncy little bee when I have him stand as his table. He can’t stand on his own yet, but I think that’ll come as soon as the crawling will!



(In the burrito bowl: seasoned ground turkey, black beans, sautéed peppers and mushrooms, rice, cheese guac, and homemade tortilla chips! SO GOOD.)

Once Wes went to bed we watched The Big Short but I fell asleep before it ended. I thought I was going to love the movie, but it just felt like I was sitting at work with all the mortgage talk. Meh.

Saturday: Also known as: BAE DAY. Bacon and eggs. My weekend jam.


Peekaboo while driving? So dangerous.

Another gorgeous day called for a trip down to the river for a family walk. Silly of us to think we’d be able to grab a swing for Wes because I’m pretty sure every family in Calgary was there taking advantage of the weather. It was packed! I wish we could have taken the dogs too, but it was so busy out that they would have gone nuts. Plus, neither of our cars have any pet protectors in the back yet and we’re not too keen on having them destroy our relatively new cars 😉



We need to improve on our family-selfie skills.

I dropped Tyler and Wes off at the house and headed to the used kids store to see if I could find any clothes for Wes. I got a few pieces, a couple of books and lots of toys for him. What a lucky kid! And I got beer for Tyler before heading home. #bestwifeaward


Bathtime is my favorite time. BUT I HAVE A QUESTION: How the heck can I comfortably sit there while he plays in the tub and NOT have my hips/knees/feet kill?!!! Our toilet isn’t anywhere near the tub so that’s not an option. Maybe I should buy a stool? Or any other mom hack suggestions so I don’t have to buy anything?


Neither of us felt like cooking so Tyler picked up burgers from Five Guys. I prefer mine sans bun and it usually looks a bit more appetizing than this. It was still pretty dang delicious though!


We watched Sisters and Victor Frankenstein before going to bed. Sisters was ok- not the BEST but here were some hilarious one liners in there.

Sunday: Ugh, this makes me so mad to even type–> Tyler was going to get up with Wes so that I could sleep in, but I ended up waking up. I tried my hardest to fall back asleep but it was a no go. RAWR.

The cure for a tragic not-taking-advantage-of-time-to-sleep fiasco? Waffles.


Then it was the typical Sunday activities: laundry, workout, walk dogs, do whatever Wes wants to do. Boring with a chance of boring. Minus the Wes part- I always have fun with him- even if we are only sitting on the floor throwing the same zillionty toys around.



Will I turn orange now? I didn’t even do that on purpose..

To top off a short as heck weekend, Tyler whipped up chicken parm for dinner and Wes fell asleep at 6:15 (SO early for him..that’s what happens when he only took one 30 minute nap for the day!)


Seems that all I do is take pictures of food and Wes. Might try to change it up this week! Which means it’ll probably be pictures of food and Wes and…workouts? We’ll see.

14 thoughts on “Weekender

  1. I know I always say this but your food photos look so good! That burrito, yum!
    Oh man, without a toilet I do not know what I would do! I say find a stool for sure.

  2. I so agree – being able to put Sully in the car without a bunch of layers on is SO nice! Just being able to go outside without bundling up is nice too, haha! I had to cave and buy a pad for kneeling for the bathtub, because OUCH. It was a christmas present to Sully his first Christmas, haha!! But, you could just bring in an old pillow to sit on? Or a rolled up towel or yoga mat? I personally do not enjoy bath time and make Jim do it, but sometimes I participate 😉

    I enjoyed The Big Short, but it was not at all what I expected – I didn’t think it was going to be so documentary like.

  3. Our baby tub came with a stool, so we use it for for bath time with the big tub! And now potty training haha. Sounds like a busy weekend, I agree not enough time to get stuff done!!

    • i could eat burrito bowls clllll the days. but tyler would get super annoyed. sometimes i miss single girl dinners because i don’t have to worry about someone else eating…especially a dude who needs a MEAL. grr

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