Weekender {Baby, Fitness, Beer}

Well, it’s been a pretty unproductive weekend over here. I’m hoping with the upswing of better weather this week, we’ll have more on our agenda in the coming days!

Friday: We didn’t get out of the house until after lunch. It was really only to head to the mall and return some stuff…so nothing majorly fun. Womp. Wes was a grumpy mister- he really doesn’t like being in the stroller especially when it’s not moving at a constant, rapid pace.


He fought against an afternoon nap, so he was going a bit stir crazy just about the time I had to leave for work. Pro: I didn’t have to deal with a grump baby for a couple of hours. Con: I left my mom to deal with it and felt a bit bad. Ha! Tyler is still chugging away at the multiple home projects (not jealous of that, either).









We didn’t really plan out dinner, so I threw together a bacon grilled cheese sandwich before heading off to work.


Work went pretty well, until I noticed at the end of my shift that I made a big mistake with some cash. It didn’t negatively impact my employment or anything, but I felt pretty crummy about it. Luckily, my boss also felt bad about the mixup and bought me a beer before I headed home.


Saturday:Β We had a pretty good morning- lots of floor time and snuggles. After breakfast, my mom, Wes and I headed to a used kid’s sale and scored quite a few clothing items for only $5. Only downer was that we were there while it was Wes’s nap time so he was a lovely mix of grumpy and sleepy. He ended up going down really easy once we got back and I was able to take the dogs for a nice long walk.





My mom was able to get some work done too. We have a makeshift sweatshop set up in the guest bedroom so my mom can sew sew sew.


Before I left for work, I got some more snuggles.





My shift this time went a lot better. Thank goodness!

Sunday:Β I slept like a rock the entire night (this is a rarity lately) and didn’t even hear Wes wake up. I finally opened my eyes at 8:30. Love good sleeps like that πŸ™‚

After Wes’s first nap and a patio picnic lunch, my mom and I walked to the grocery store for dinner stuff. Tyler has been replacing our flooring, so the main living area has been a disaster zone. We have been trying to keep Wes entertained either out of the house, or in alternate rooms- which is a bit tricky.


During his afternoon nap, I was able to walk the dogs and enjoy some sun (AND CAKE) on the patio.

Then it was time to head to the swings!







For dinner, we had chicken kebobs and pasta salad which Wes eagerly attempted to steal off my mom’s plate.



And that’s it! Weekends just fly by I tell ya.

Some other random stuff:

I’ve completed the first four weeks of 22 Minute Hard Corps and love the extra strength it’s given my core, arms and glutes. I’m excited for the remaining four weeks to see if I’ll continue to improve! (PS: If you’re interested in this program… message me for more info!)


The Grapple Toy Tether giveaway is still open! There have only been a few entries, so PLEASE check it out and enter!!! I mean, c’mon who doesn’t love free stuff??

BEERFEST is next weekend! I am judging during the Friday session and working the Saturday session. This is pretty much my dream- not only do I get to taste beer and decide which are best, but I also get to hand out beer to fellow enthusiasts! Man, I’m really loving this whole not-going-back-to-my-desk-job thing.


And then to top off next weekend, I have been given the best Mother’s Day gift ever–> I’ll be going on the Spirit of Alberta Tasting Tour hosted by Calgary Brewery Tours. YAASSSS. I am beyond excited for this and can’t wait to fill you guys in with more info next week! πŸ™‚

So all this talk makes me think about how random my blogging topics are- I am obsessed with 1) my child 2) fitness, and 3) craft beer. I thinkΒ it’s a pretty healthy balance (plus, it’s my life so it’s not like I have to please everyone) but then it makes it a bit confusing to readers. Right? I’ve found that my instagram is pretty much all things Wes while my Twitter is beer beer beer. And then I snap (snapchat: nutcaseinpoint) fitness type photos if I remember to take any.

I just wanted to bring it up because I am guessing the variety has caused me to lose some readers? I thrive on the connections- plus, I spend a lot of time typing these things up(!!!) and I feel like I haven’t gotten any of that lately. This might sound selfish to ask, but I LOVE hearing from you guys! And I do my best to try to engage on others blogs as well. Keyword: try.

All this blabbing and I guess all I’m trying to say is I’d love for some feedback! Anything you have to say would be appreciated. Unless it’s nasty, then keep it to yourself πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Weekender {Baby, Fitness, Beer}

  1. congrats on the job! it must be nice to have your mom there to help out. I’m going through a “what the heck am i blogging about” phase and have a post going up tomorrow about some changes I want to make. I feel like you have lots of engagement in your posts- so many people who comment! At the end of the day, though, you have to figure out what makes you happy to blog about- and if it’s pictures of Wes, talking about fitness and beers, then go with that!

  2. I would like a bacon grilled cheese and some pasta salad please. πŸ™‚
    Honestly sometimes I have trouble commenting on your posts because they can be long, so by the time I get to the end I’m like, Wait, There was something I wanted to say but what was it? And have to scroll back up to remember. That makes me feel a little dumb actually now that I type it out. Seriously is my memory that bad??? I blame sleep deprivation.

  3. I love that photo of you holding Wes up in the air. So cute. Looks like a pretty good weekend and I am glad Friday’s mishap didn’t impact your employment. You have a lot of good stuff coming up. Can’t wait to read about it.

  4. Girl I love reading your posts and looking at snapchat! It’s always fun to see what other moms are up to! I’m horrible at commenting though….oops. Blogging is a lot of work and I totally get that you like to feel the love, makes a difference. I quit my blog 4 years ago after only blogging for like 9 months, ha! The craft beer scene has exploded here in St. Paul/Minneapolis and there are sooooo many places I need to go check out. I’m majorly jealous that your get to work with beer FOR A JOB!

    • thanks! :):) I’ve heard about the beer in that area- wish I was closer to be able to check it out. I was out in Chicago a couple of times 2 years ago with friends and even there all the new beer was blowing my mind. I’ve already drank what seems to be everything here now!

  5. Can you make me a bacon grilled cheese with a side of beer please? I wouldn’t worry about losing followers for your randomness. Just do you, don’t worry about everyone else. I’m all over the place too between fitness, kid, and whatever else. Someday, I hope you actually tell us what your job is. SO MUCH VAGUE. :p And on the topic of Calgary Brewery Tours, I want to do the brewery tour for my 30th this year. Mark your calendar and join ok?

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