Thursday Things

Um hi…how is it Thursday already? I swear to God time is just whizzing by and I have had approximately zero seconds to just sit and relax. Ok, that’s a lie because I’ve been making some time to try to read a book this week (from Brie’s book club!). But still.

Ok, SO. Popping in pretty quick today to share some random things from the week–>

I’ve been using my beloved protein pancake recipe in the waffle iron this week and not only is it 10x faster than flipping stupid pancakes, I take that back..panckaes are not stupid, but they come out perfect! And Wes loves them. But only when topped with maple syrup. As if I would deprive my child a sugary topping. Ha! PS: Waffles are just pancakes with abs. Amiright?!


We went to the library the other day and I had to be the terrible mom by removing my child from the giant teddy. He was obsessed with hugging it. Ahhhhhb-sessed. Looks like we might need to get one from Costco this coming Christmas and be THAT annoying cart with the giant freaking stuffed animal. I can picture it now- it will barely fit in the car, so its head will be sticking out the back window. Oy.


I bit the bullet last week and ordered another bag of Shakeology. My digestion has been super off lately, so I figured this would be perfect for helping it get back on track. It couldn’t have come at a better time because it has been a shitty few days with stress so I was more than happy to have it plus get in some yoga. PS: don’t forget about June promotions for 21 day fix and 21 dfx!


This boy has learned to climb up on the couch! Now, Reggie has no safe place. But Layla always loves the snuggles.


We have been going through lots of Love Child Organics pouches lately. I can’t say that I hate it because they are pretty tasty- and organic. Our routine this week has been Wes chugging one before a nap and all his naps have subsequently been amazing soo…..I’ll take it! Don’t forget to use code LCOMOM13 on for 15% off your order of LCO products!


Another de-stresser (besides working out) for me is baking. I know it’s silly that the two things I love to do when I’m all worked up has to do with fattening you up and slimming you down. Balance, I suppose! I whipped up some of my favorite chocolate chip cookie bars the other day and surprisingly….they’re not gone yet. I am so good with self-control this week!


That’s all I’ve got for today. Tell me something random in the comments. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I want that cookie bar.Also LOL at waffles are pancakes with abs.
    My digestion has been off too, doctor suspects I may have an ulcer? But I’ve found drinking shakeo actually makes my stomach hurt more lately so I’m taking a break.

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