It Must Be Monday

Oh hey. I had the feeling of impending doom if I didn’t check in with a post today which means it must be Monday! We didn’t do a whole ton this weekend so there’s not much to share.

Friday: After breakfast, Wes and I took our morning walk and returned to the house being prepped for painting. (Not the exterior, just the ceiling in our main living area.) It pretty much forced us to be confined to the basement for a bit so I was able to get a quick grocery trip in while Tyler watched Wes then do my workout while he surprisingly napped!


After the painters left, I tried to get Wes out of the house some more. Not only to take advantage of the sunny weather, but to allow the house to air out a bit. It was stinky!







We also dove into these puppies! They are the best brownies I have EVER made.


I had to work that night, so I soaked up as much Wes time as I could before I left. I am so used to being in workout clothes or just being half dressed, that I needed a reminder to actually put my shirt on before leaving. Whoops.


Saturday: I have practically zero photo evidence from the day, but there was a Costco trip at some point before I headed back to work in the evening.


I also picked up some beer for Tyler on my way home as an early Father’s Day gift.


Sunday: Boy, did I luck out. Tyler made ME eggs benedict for breakfast and then I took an hour nap (by accident, I swear!) on the couch.


Wes and I hung out while Tyler continued to work on the house. I was able to get some household chores done, but let’s be honest……(no I didn’t. ha!) 



Tyler had to make yet ANOTHER trip to Home Depot, so Wes and I headed to the mall to pick up a water table I had been eyeing for a while. I was super happy to see it was on sale, so we snagged one and I returned (GASP) a pair of Wunder Unders to Lululemon. I loved them, but found the exact same print at Old Navy for like a quarter of the price.

And of course I stopped at Once Upon a Child and stocked up on more toys, books, and a swim suit for Wes before heading home.





Tyler brought me a glass of sangria while we were in the backyard and I mean, I couldn’t say no.

And then to cap off Father’s Day, Tyler made us tacos! Seriously, I thought the day was to honor him. But I’ll totally take it. Once Wes went to sleep, we watched Game of Thrones, I drank some of the beer I bought for Tyler, and we went to bed.


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