Bubbles & Balms [Take 2]

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you’ve had a great start to your week. Wes has been such a light switch lately with temper tantrums and giggly moods that each day has been more of a blur than normal. I hate to admit it, but I look forward to when he goes to bed every night. Even though I do enjoy the lovely bits he gives me during the day- it significantly outweighs the yucky times.

Today I want to share some summery products from one of my favorite small shops, Bubbles & Balms. You may remember I wrote about their baby care line here. Justin and Judith (the pair behind B&B) graciously sent me more goodies to test out and I was all to happy to give each of them a go!


The first product I tried was Timeless Beauty. It’s aimed to help dry and aging skin and has some really awesome ingredients. The one I was really gunning for was Rosehip and it’s one of the main ingredients! The butter is very thick but warms to your skin and becomes easily spreadable.

It also has a deep, rich aroma that makes me feel super luxurious each morning when I apply it after washing my face. I’ve since used it every day for the past month or so and have noticed my skin remains well-hydrated and has a much smoother feel. Plus, I’ve noticed that some of my pores and brown spots (that magically appeared after Wes was born) have diminished!


I absolutely love this product and have already sent some to my mom- who now also loves it! For anyone looking to have supple (gross word) skin with a more youthful complexion, then this stuff is for you. —> aka, everyone should get it.

We were also sent two outdoor products: Fun In The Sun & Shew-Fly


A few months ago, I had been on the hunt for a natural sunscreen to use on Wes and found only a few brands that were just too pricey. I was excited to try this stuff out because I really wanted to be able to use a product on Wes that was safe and effective. Similar to the Timeless Beauty, the barrier butter is pretty thick but instantly warms on contact with the skin and spreads easily.


I applied it to Wes’s entire body (face included) and it didn’t leave a sticky residue nor did it smell medicinal. In fact, he smelled like he was fresh from a bath! We were outside playing for several hours (with shade from an umbrella, sunglasses and hats) and I’m pleased to report his skin stayed soft and free from any redness or dryness from the sun.

Our backyard, while not the most ideal place to play due to yucky grass and an insane amount of bugs, is really the only place we can put Wes’s water table, so I also used the Shew-Fly to see how well it worked at repelling those nasty little insects.


I was super pleased to find that not only was the spray non-sticky and non-greasy, but it also had a nice citrusy smell. And the bonus: I was free of all bugs for the entire duration of  our outdoor adventures!

I showered just prior to us heading outside and was fully expecting to have to at least rinse off again before getting in bed, but this spray was so incredibly light that my skin absorbed it nicely and I didn’t *need* to shower.


If you’re in the market for all natural products, I highly urge you to check out Bubbles & Balms. They make everything themselves and use some really great ingredients. PLUS- They are a small Canadian shop! I find it is really important to support local and support small shops because you’re getting something that has been hand-crafted with care while supporting the local economy. PS to you American friends: don’t forget you’re dollar goes further in Canada, so you’d be getting a sweet deal!

Check out Bubbles & Balms on Facebook and follow them on Instagram too!


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