Friday Favorites

Who is doing the Friday dance today?!! So a bit of news here- Tyler is DONE with the house and Wes & I are in NY for the next couple of weeks! Happy happy happy. Diving right into today’s post, I just wanted to share some faves as of late..

  1. So Wes and I flew from Calgary to Albany, NY on Tuesday with a layover in Chicago and it was SO much easier now that he’s a toddler than the last time we flew when he was only 4 months old! I feel like I didn’t have to pack as much and was considerably more organized. He was an angel on the first (longer) flight, but was a bit of a beast on the flight leaving Chicago, because….it’s Chicago and flights never leave on time. SO ANNOYING! But we got home ok and we are still adjusting to the time difference and humidity.


PS: Have you entered the Love Child Organics giveaway yet?! It’s still open until Sunday at midnight EST and it’s for a $50 prize pack 🙂





2. Target. And American craft beer. I am in heaven! My mom had to drag me out of Target the other day because I just kept oohing and ahhing over the selection of everything! I forget just how crap Canada is with having stuff. I mean, an ENTIRE AISLE dedicated to just granola bars?! Mind= blown.

I was also able to throw together a mixed 6 pack of beer and have been enjoying drinking my way through it.





3. Wes enjoying New York. I am beside myself at just how much fun this guy is having here. Not only does he have a super ginormous house to explore, but a huge yard, new toys, and grandparents that dote on him 24/7.









4. Shakeology. Man, this stuff is my go-to breakfast when I need to ‘reset’. It fills me up, gives me tons of energy, and curbs my cravings for bad foods. I brought a bunch of it with me on this trip so that I can balance my diet a bit with more of vacation-y foods. Even though it’s a bit pricey, I am so glad I made the decision to try it because I feel good when I have it. And life’s all about feeling good, right?

I also finished up with another round of 21 day fix EXTREME on Tuesday and have since started up with Insanity while I’m home. The crazy intense workouts + humid weather = SWEATY JEN. I absolutely love it.


5. And then of course last night I made a batch of Soft and Gooey Loaded Smores Bars. I mean…..WHATTTTT?!! They are so freaking good I can’t even stand it.


I hope you all have a great weekend! Don’t forget to check back in on Monday to find out if you won the Love Child Organics giveaway AND there may be a new giveaway to enter!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. It’s great seeing your snaps and hearing about your time at home! Sure looks like both you AND Wes are happy to be back in the states! I hope you enjoy your time home! After living in Chicago but moving to Minneapolis last fall, I miss Dunkin Donuts SO MUCH…jealous!

    • I’ve been mixing it with almond milk while I’m home and it’s delicious. I’ve also pre-blended oats in the food processor so that it blends easier in a smoothie. The first one is super hard- I remember not being able to walk up he stairs after. You’ll enjoy the next couple of days!

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