Weekly Photo Dump

Well crap, I have no idea where the past week went. It was like blink and then gone. I wish I would have gotten more done, but there’s only so many hours in the day. Obviously I leave out a ton of what happens throughout our days and just highlight the photo worthy things, but phew I am wiped!


We got memberships to the Airdrie Public Library since it’s so close to home, but it is nothing in comparison to the libraries in Calgary. The building is super small, the children’s section is even smaller and the whole place just feels a bit dated. BUT- there are still toddler classes I can register Wes in AND they have an online library so I can check out lots of e-books!


I love how I can tell him “Hey, back up to the fence so I can take your picture” (and if someone is nearby, I change it to: “Hey, back up to the fence so I can take your picture…for grandma”) and he does it. Good boy.


It was just windier than heck and he didn’t want to sport his sunglasses anymore.


And of course there was beer. More on that in my next post.


My child dresses way better than me. I mean, I’m still wearing clothes that I’ve worn pre-pregnancy, THROUGHOUT pregnancy, and now here I am. I am so sick of what I have in my closet but I am also way too broke to attempt to make any changes. Plus, I’m actually usually in my PJ’s.


^Bought him a canister of baby crack while we waited for a meeting.


And he fell asleep in my arms. #toughlife


Alright, I gotta be honest here. I was chilled to the bone one day and desperately wanted to take a bath. So I did. And fed Wes snacks to keep him occupied while I warmed up. Is that terrible?


He was pretty entertained, so it can’t be that bad.


SMOOTHIE BOWLS. I cannot get enough. I try to get up earlier on the mornings I have them so I can actually enjoy the whole bowl because Wes is just as obsessed and he will take spoonfuls of it and it can sometimes get messy, and ummm HELLO I just got new furniture, so I don’t want any accidents. Yet.


Lots of outdoor mini-walks for the fresh air. I seriously miss our old hilly neighborhood because our walks were such a great workout. My bum is struggling big time with the flat land. To make up for it, I do more random squats around the house, but it’s just not the same.


Wes’s post-nap cheeks/hair are my fave and I want to just smoosh him.


I also want to take naps with him, but sometimes that’s the only time I can do adult things. Like laundry. And dishes. Ugh.


So we got our new dining table a couple of weeks ago and this week our chairs were delivered! I am so happy that they work well together since we purchased them separately. Downside: Wes already knows how to climb up on the bench, then the table top, then throw all the apples on the floor.



Ya, kid. You’re smile is cute and all, but honey crisp apples are expensive, so please don’t bruise them.


Alberta beer week! I love this provinces beer. So much, that I’m taking tons of it home to New York with me next week. I just want to spread the love!


^Read this book this week and it was pretty good! It’s a story of a woman who loses her dental practice and takes her children on a haphazard RV trip through Alaska. Read it. Also, that’s the most brief summary ever and I promise there’s much more to the book than that.


Saturdays are for Costco trips. Always.


I seriously can’t stand how cute he is in this outfit. His pants (maxaloons) are my absolute favorite that we just had custom made by Corrie at Munckin and Sprout Creations. The fabric is so soft and stretchy and the cuffs/waitstband are adjustable to grow when your child grows. Genius.





Sunday: the lazy day. The most productive thing done all day was making a batch of Pumpkin Crumb Cake Muffins and then trying not to eat them all in one sitting.



I had full intentions of starting to pack for our trip on Wednesday, but I’m a fantastic procrastinator. Plus, I’m working every evening which throws a wrench in my organizational abilities. PS: I just gotta say what a pain it can be to go into work one night and get a but-ton of good tips then go in the next night, work the same length of time, and walk out with only a few dollars! The restaurant biz is a son-of-a but hey, it gets me out of the house I guess.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Dump

  1. Wes is such a cutie. I love his fisherman sweater with the elbow patches. And the dinosaur pants. Dressing the kids is so much fun. Well until I buy something I love that Swede refuses to wear.
    I love your new table and combo of bench & chairs looks great.
    Those pumpkin muffins, Yum! The crumb topping takes it up a notch.
    Have fun in NY!

  2. Haha your weekly photo dump turned into an almost weekend recap which you said you don’t like doing 😉 Those muffins do look super yummy. I’m going to not click on the link and not make them as I won’t be able to have self control around them, haha

  3. Love your new table and chairs! Scotch guard the bitch out of those babies though! 😉 We recently just replaced our beautiful cloth kitchen chairs because I couldn’t handle the sticky fingers all over them. (Not to be a debbie downer or anything ;P)

    The outfit Wes is wearing at Costco is adorable!!

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