Tanner Owen (1 MONTH!)

Well, well, well. I had the best intention of writing other posts (like being a mom of 2 type things) before Tanner’s monthly update, but here we are! I honestly can’t believe how fast the first month has flown by. But then again, it is the holiday season which ALWAYS goes by super fast. So newborn + toddler + holidays= buh-bye December.

Ok, so let’s check in with some stuff about this little (correction: BIG) guy. I was going to head to the clinic this morning to get him weighed, but my car is still a frozen ice cube so that plan was a no go. If I had to guess, I’d say he’s 12-13 pounds. SERIOUSLY. At his ‘boy appointment’ (AKA: circumcision), he weighed 10 lb 4 oz, then 10 lb 11 oz THE NEXT DAY. And that was at 2 weeks old.


To back that up, he’s also out of newborn clothes/diapers and already sporting 3/6/9 month clothes- depending on the brand- and SIZE 2 diapers! We’re really lucky and have saved all the leftover diapers from Wes, so we’ve yet to buy a single diaper for Tanner. Guess we’ll just have to have a third baby because I now still have leftover newborns/size 1’s.


Likes/dislikes aren’t really apparent yet. I mean, c’mon HE’S A BABY. But I can tell you how he has differed from Wes at this age. The biggest one: he needs to be held approximately 23.5 hours a day. At week 1, Tanner was sleeping in stretches as long as 3 hours, but has since shortened them to 1 hour max in his crib. I’ve narrowed it down to thinking he can’t lay flat on his back with the super dry weather and stuffy nose. He will sleep for up to 4 hours when in his car seat or the mamaroo or when being held. I’m just really anxious for the longer stretches to take place at night!


Hmm, what else? He has dimples and way more hair than Wes did. His eyes are still a greenish/blue but I’m thinking his will also turn brown with time. He pees/poops like a CHAMP; Eats every 90 minutes (ow) and is STRONG. He can almost completely hold up his head, has a great grip and kicks with some serious force.


He’s great at bath time, great at getting changed, and tolerates the Nose Frieda thank goodness.


As for the rest of us:

Wes has been a GREAT big brother. He’s open to sharing his toys and will be quiet when we ask him to. He’ll also help retrieve diapers or burp cloths or help with laundry. The only aspect that’s been a bit difficult is the morning/nighttime routines. He’s obviously not getting as much attention, so it has caused some meltdowns. Nothing out of the ordinary, so I know it’ll only get better with time. I HOPE.

Tyler and I have been so much better at parenting this time around, too. Our fuses aren’t as short because we know what to expect and can seem to somewhat function on significantly less sleep. That’s not to say it isn’t a challenge addressing all newborn concerns combined with a super-hyped up toddler. That is the biggest obstacle. But it could be worse.

Only complaint I have is that it’s so damn cold out! We’re all cooped up in the house and I’m not about to be a mall walker 5 days a week.

Whatever. More time at home in jammies spending time with my babies!


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