May 5th in Canada

Hi everyone. Can you tell I am less than enthused? Well, I am. Why? Because I went to bed last night with dreams of guacamole and sombreros and ungodly amounts of cheese and beer and tequila- and then I woke up………and saw this:


May 5th, you guys. Mark that down in your calendar as “it still snows in the land of Canucks .” oof. Now I’ll have to sip my margies with a parka on.

2 thoughts on “May 5th in Canada

  1. Too funny!

    Truth be told …. it is also freezin to death in Chicago. Too much rain. Oh. I am sooo sick of wet weather. Ugh. Also, zero sun. At this very moment my hands are ice. Impossible to warm up. Temps will be cold all week. Boo.

    I also need a parka, w/my 3 tee shirts, 2-1/2 pairs of socks, scarf and I have my poochie’s blanket on my legs.

    Guess we are in the same cold boat.

    Let’s go have noodle soup!!

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