Confessions. Getting right to it.

1. I really want Reggie to wear his Halloween costume every day this month. It looks too funny and I can’t get enough of it.



2. I went to SEVEN drug stores yesterday to hunt down my latest Essie obsession. Not only did I text the work ‘EUREKA!!!!!’ to Tyler, but I also shouted it out loud in the store when I discovered my mission had finally been accomplished.



3. One of my co-worker/new friends invited me to get my hair and makeup done for free. And it just so happened that I was able to get my makeup done by the Benefit counter. Aka: the recipient of most my money for the past 12 years. The girl was trying to sell me some of the products, and every one of my responses were: “I already have that” I managed to pick out two things that I felt I needed the most. Plus I got a free makeup bag and TONS of samples.



4. When we can’t decide what to have for dinner, it’s almost always Turkey Clubs. They’re yummy and easy to make. That is all I have to say about that.



5. I have been OBSESSED with edamame lately. Like, I have been ordering it as an entree in restaurants (me-thinks my over exuberant sucking-of-the-pods is what got us our free meal last week. I mean, think about it. You’re a guy and you’re alone at the bar and you see some lady going to town on hoovering some beans out of their straw-like homes and you might be tempted to just pay for the pleasure. I get it.) This weekend, threw together a batch with a sriracha sauce. And it was so good. And my face was sweaty and on FIIIIIYYYYYAAAA (read: fire) afterwards.



6. My mama sent me some fall goodies! Pumpking pancake mix, a cute kitchen towel, and a frame of her and my dad somewhere in the Adirondacks kayaking. And you follow me on IG, you’ll have read that I am now a cider donut and slice of ma’s apple pie away from feeling as though fall is complete. I’m not one to love the cooler weather (let’s just take a second on laugh at my current geographical location then) but I do love some of that comfort food/outdoorsy mumbo jumbo. To make up for my lack of east coast fall-wonderfullness, I threw together a batch of cranberry muffins. Mmmmmmm SO GOOD.



7. I have been running outside. You’d think I would have taken advantage of this during the warmer months, but I surprisingly love slightly cooler weather for running. Plus, I feel bad for not having taken advantage of outdoor running in the summer months, so I’m trying to squeeze a few in before it gets dark too early. Let’s all let out a collective sigh for when THAT happens.



8. I have been loving this song lately. I had to drive into work today to leave early for a doctor’s appt, and I cranked the crap out of my stereo when it came on. Mind you, this is at 7:30am when just about every person on the road is a Mr. or Mrs. Cranky Pants for having to be awake. And I was head bobbing and steering-wheel-tapping. 

9. And now Usher’s damn song is stuck in my head. “These are my confessions….”

A Readable Read

My posts are boring. Because school is too consuming. If I am not sitting in front of my computer doing work, then I am cooking, sleeping, working out, or walking the dog. The end. The post can end here. But for the sake of entertainment, I will conjure up some readable reads.

My latest music downloads:

I went for a run yesterday and only listened to these 6 songs over and over. So basically what I’m trying to say is: yesterday I went for a long-ass run.

See this cute face?

She ate two meatballs off my dinner plate last night. For the TWO SECONDS I went to the front door to hoard all the Girl Guide cookies, she inhaled all the meaty goodness from my plate. And I was the one to get doubly punished. Not only did she eat my dinner, but she tooted something deadly all night. Pee-yeww.

Oh Girl Guide Cookies? Yes. They are awesome. Buy some.

I bought some fall-like goodies today.

That red stuff is eucalyptus. It smells crazy good. Go buy some of that, too.

Mini pumpkin!

I have been having some insane dreams lately.

And that’s just the tip of the iceburg.

So apparently, a lot of people haven’t been getting my Save the Dates. If you are my friend or in my family and didn’t get one, chances are you were invited. Canada Post, you suck. Sending those bitches to the States cost $1.05 each! Fuhhhhhh.

My favorite fitness move as of late involve the gliding discs. With one disk under your left foot, try 4 side lunges then 4 back lunges, then 4 side lunges with a 3-count pulse and 4 reverse lunges with a 3-count pulse. Then do the other side. For more advanced movers and shakers, try holding the weights and simultaneously doing bicep curls or hammer curls or lateral raises. You choose.

Oh, and this move with the bender ball


I have done these while holding (and twirling) one of the ropeless jump ropes in my ‘top’ hand while simultaneously crunching. Yep, it’s really hard. And yep, my abs look really awesome because of it.

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I am trying a new recipe tonight, so if all goes well, the recipe will be posted tomorrow. And if all goes horribly wrong, there’s a bottle of vodka in the cabinet that I might be good friends with.

Let’s be wordy

Let’s be wordy today, shall we? My posts are usually short and picture-filled, but today I feel like being an actual blogger and writing something. Where to start..

1. Weight. It’s not important really how much you weigh, but it is important to be healthy and FEEL good. I used to only weigh myself when I visited my parents (trying to stay consistent with the same scale), but now I have my own and seem to frequent it much more than before. A habit when I wake up, methinks. Since moving, my workouts have been shorter- possibly even less intense- and by myself. At first, the scale read fairly normal, but lately it has been going down, down, down. Does that make me mad? NO WAY JOSE. But it makes me nervous for when and if it starts going back up, up, up. I’m not even kidding- my number is 20 pounders lighter than March. And yet, all my clothes still fit. Last time I checked, those WW and JC commercials told me that when you lose weight, you go down dress sizes. Nope, not the case here. I’m not complaining- I have no monies to buy new stuff! The moral of the story: I FEEL GOOD. No, I FEEL GREAT. And I’m still eating Nutella and chocolate chip cookies and Dairy Queen, so there.

2. Workouts. Like I said- they’re just not the same. Maybe that’s a good thing! I was probably over-exercising in Boston, and my body finally got the ‘break’ when I moved. I usually have one day off a week, one purely strength day, one purely cardio day, and 4 days a week where I do intervals/circuits/whatever I want that combine the two. And I walk the dog a lot.

3. Volunteering. Since I can’t get no satisfaction job yet, I gotta volunteer. That’s right, donate time for free. Yuck. As you know, I volunteer at the YMCA in Downtown Calgary. It’s been pretty sparse work, but I am slowly getting the equivalent certifications in Canada. By that time, I will be legal to work, and hopefully get paid to kick butts. For this upcoming session, I will be teaching a Tuesday night outdoor bootcamp, helping with a Wednesday afternoon TRX class, possibly introducing a kickboxing class indoors, leading a ‘warm-up’ for a fundraising event, and participating in a weekend-long fitness retreat mid-September.

4. School. I just got my grade from my most recent course in grad school: A (or 99.3% if you want me to be more specific). I have two courses to go, and by December of this year I will have my Global MBA with a certificate in Marketing. Attention all you hiring Calgarians: That means I will be an excellent candidate for ANY job requiring a Masters Degree, experience in Finance, certifications in tons of Fitness ‘things’, and CPR and First-Aid certified. I better be getting job offers in my inbox.

5. Dog. She is spoiled. Just yesterday, I took her for a long walk, a dip in the river, bath, and a new Furminator to make her coat shiny and clean.

Back that ass it up, let’s talk about the bath. I am 100% against bathing dogs in human tubs. It’s gross. Lots of hair and dirt- and that’s where I get naked. No. No dogs should be in the human tub. But, we didn’t have a hose so I sucked up every morsel of irritation and placed my 70 pound pup in MY tub. The only saving grace was the hilarity of her sad face and her apparent love for the faucet nearly shoved up her ass. Don’t worry, I Mr. Cleaned the shiz out of the tub when she was out.

6. Wedding. It’s coming along. As much as I don’t really feel the need to constantly talk about it on the blog (omg there are wedding OVERLOAD bloggers that drive me bonkers. Plus, I want some of the stuff to be a surprise for guests, so why bother spilling the beans just yet?!)

  • I got my dress
  • Got the venue
  • Caterer is booked (OPEN BAR, Y’ALL. I’m guessing the ‘yes’ count for guests will go up after reading this)
  • Cake/desserts are in the works.
  • Decorations/flowers: Chosen
  • Makeup/hair booked
  • Bridesmaids dresses pretty much chosen
  • Favors: decided.
  • Scrapbook/guestbook table done
  • Save the Dates going out this week


Still need/I don’t feel like doing yet

  • DJ/MC. not that I wanted either, but the planner said I should. To ‘announce’ things. I’m pretty sure people are gonna figure out it’s dinner time when the food comes out.
  • Hotel/transportation. School bus, people. No limos- that’s so Wedding Singer-y.
  • Officiant. Don’t really care.

That’s all. It’s easy.

7. FallI do not like cold weather. I have already started walking around the house wrapped up in my blanket. And goosebumps IN the shower. Do you know how hard it is to shave when you have goosebumps? But, fall things are out. And I like fall things. 


But I won’t be in NY this year to go apple picking. Or to have my mom make 3 apple pies (1 for me, 1 for dad, and 1 for everyone else who comes to our house). And I won’t be able to stock up on pumpkin butter from Trader Joe’s. OMG pumpkin butter, you guys. I totally forgot about my obsession with this stuff. I put it on pancakes, swirl in oats, on toast, with a spoon…it’s so dang delicious. Apple butter comes in a close second. 

Anyone wanna get wordy? Leave a comment!